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2019/2021 Releases On BeRock's NonStop Music

7th Heaven - Are We There Yet
7th Heaven - Long Long Way to Go
Alan Parsons - Sirius - Eye in the Sky (Live)
Ancient Machine - Again And Again
Ancient Machine - I Can't Wait
Ancient Machine - Listen To Your Heart
Andy Taylor - 07 - Mission Of Mercy
Andy Taylor - 09 - She Was Mine
Andy Taylor - 10 - I'm On A Winner With You
Arctic Rain - Free My Mind
Arctic Rain - Give Me All of Your Love
Arctic Rain - Lost
Arctic Rain - The One
At 1980 - California Nights
At 1980 - Caroline
At 1980 - In Your Eyes
At 1980 - Maria
At The Movies - Maniac
At The Movies - St. Elmos Fire (Man in Motion)
At The Movies - The Never Ending Story
Autumn's Child - Angel's Gate - 03 - Don't Say That Is Love
Autumn's Child - Angel's Gate - 08 - Don't Ever Leave Me
Avril Lavigne - Head Above Water
Babylon Shakes - Star in Your Eyes
Backwater - Rockin' Style
Bad Radiator - Fake
Bad Radiator - Heart Attack
Badhoven - Feeling All Your Power
Badhoven - All the World's a Fake
Badhoven - Good Times
Bite The Bullet - Black & White
Bite The Bullet - I'll Go
Bite The Bullet - The Lonely Road
Blackmores Rainbow - Black Sheep of the Family
Blood Red Saints - Complete
Blood Red Saints - This Ain't a Love Song
Brett Walker - Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
Circus of Rock - Tears of the Clown (feat. Erik Kraemer)
CoreLeoni - Mountain Mama
Crazy Lixx - Eagle
Cruzh - All You Need
Cruzh - Cady
Cruzh - New York Nights
Cruzh - Paralyzed
Decarlo - Rock N' Soul
Decarlo - A Better Day
Decarlo - There She Goes
DeVicious - Never Let You Go (Feat. Åge Sten Nilsen)
Diane & The Deductibles - Never Release Me
Eclipse - United
Eclipse - Viva La Victoria
Find Me - Can't Let Go
Find me - Chain Of Love
Find Me - Desperate Dreams
Find Me - Living A Lie
First Signal - A Million Miles
First Signal - Born To Be A Rebel
Francie Conway - Something I Heard
Francie Conway - Today More Than Ever
Fugitive - Slave to Love.mp3
Gathering Of Kings - Heaven on the Run
Gathering Of Kings - Long Way from Home
Gotthard - Anytime, Anywhere (Live Acoustic, 2018)
Gotthard - Mountain Mama (Live Acoustic, 2018)
Gotthard - Out On My Own (Live Acoustic, 2018)
H.e.a.t - We Will Never Die
Heartland - A Foreign Land
Heartland - A Living Thing
Humble Roots Orchestra - Partners In Crime
Humble Roots Orchestra - Smiling At The Sky
Humble Roots Orchestra - Too Much Walkin' Shoes Worn Thin
Intelligent Music Project - Sense of Progress
Jaime Kyle - Movin' on Down the Road
Jessie Galante - Nights In White Satin
John Diva & the Rockets of Love - Blonde Black Red Brunette
John Diva & the Rockets of Love - Drip Drip Baby
John Diva & the Rockets of Love - Movin' Back to Paradise
John Hall Band - Can't Stand To See You Go
John Hall Band - Crazy (Keep On Falling)
John Hall Band - You Sure Fooled Me
Kickin Valentina - Heart Tattoo
King King - End of the Line
King King - I Will Not Fall
King King - Whatever It Takes to Survive
Levee Town - Heartbroke Bound
Levee Town - I Wouldn't Lay My Guitar Down
Lovekillers feat Tony Harnell - Alive Again
Lovekillers feat Tony Harnell - Hurricane
Lÿnx - Paranoid
M.ill.ion - Lovely Eyes
Mallet - Don't Cry Anymore

Mallet - Eighties Coming Back
Mallet - Lonely Without You
Mallet - Machine Man
Mallet - Time For Your Life
Mayank - Destiny Calling (feat. Gui Oliver)
Mayank - Hold On (feat. Gui Oliver)
Mayank - Long Live the Soulless (feat. Gui Oliver)
Mayank - Sign of Love (feat. Gui Oliver)
Memoria Avenue - Can´t Blame It on the Rain
Memoria Avenue - Stuck
Michael Bolton - To Love Somebody
Michael Sweet - Let It Be Love
Michael Sweet - Ten
Mick Devine - Standing in the Middle
Mickey Mess - It's You
Mickey Mess - Jenny
Mikael Erlandsson - Break Another Heart
Nestor - Kids in a ghost town
Nestor - Perfect 10 (Eyes like Demi Moore)
Nestor - Tomorrow (feat. Samantha Fox)
Newman - I'll Be the One
One Desire - After You're Gone
One Desire - Down and Dirty
One Desire - Shadowman
Paul Carrack - Set Me Free
Paul Carrack - You're Not Alone
Peo Petterson - When The Feeling Is Ending
Perticone - Dusty Road
Perticone - Giselle
Peter H Nilsson - Fire And Thunder
Peter H Nilsson - Time To Remember
Popa Chubby - It's A Mighty Hard Road
Project Leavesden - Tell Her
Razzmattazz - Drive-By Shooter
Razzmattazz - Going Down
Rebecca Downes - Breathe Out
Rebecca Downes - Take Me Higher
Red Iron Road - Faultline
Rian - For Your Heart
Rian - Where Do We Run
Richard Marx - Strong Enough (feat. Jana Kramer)
Rock Sugar - Another Edge Of The Tiger In The Air
Rock Sugar - Any Highway You Want
Rock Sugar - Countdown To Fireworks
Rock Sugar - Rebels Out Of Heaven
Rock Sugar - Roll You In The Hurricane
Rock Sugar - You Give Your Love A Bad Name
Rock Sugar- Faithful Child O' Mine
Samantha Fish - Like A Classic
Shakra - When He Comes Around
SMOKE 'N' FLAME - Tonight's on Fire
Spektra - Overload
Station - Burning out Fast
Strÿkenine - Hold on to You
THE BOMBERS - Flash in Japan
The Defiants - Hold On Tonight
The Defiants - U x'd My Heart
The Eagles - Hotel California (2013 Remaster)
The Eagles - I Can't Tell You Why (2013 Remaster)
The Eagles - Life In The Fast Lane (2013 Remaster)
The Eagles - New Kid In Town (2013 Remaster)
The Eagles - One Of These Nights (2013 Remaster)
The Eagles - Tequila Sunrise (2013 Remaster)
The Night Flight Orchestra - Chardonnay Nights
The Night Flight Orchestra - Amber Through a Window
The Night Flight Orchestra - Midnight Marvelous
The Night Flight Orchestra - Moonlit Skies
The Prog Collective - A Whiter Shade of Pale
The Prog Collective - Nights in White Satin
The Prog Collective (Feat. Joe Lynn Turner) - Eye in the Sky
The Quireboys - Dancing in Paris
The Quireboys - Eve of the Summertime
The Quireboys - Seven Deadly Sins
The Quireboys - This Is It
The Room - Clover
The Room - The Golden Ones
The Treatment - Hang Them High
Tug Of War - Come Home
Tug Of War - Have Mercy
Tug Of War - Walk It Like a Man
Tyla's Dogs D'Amour - I Don't Love Anyone
Tyla's Dogs D'Amour - Monster
Wig Wam - My Kaleidoscope Ark
Wight Lighters - American Dream
Wight Lighters - Jet Airliner
Wight Lighters - Learning How To Live Alone
Winding Road - I Lost You
Winding Road - Out Of Control
Winding Road - Take Me As I Am
Wolfpakk - Lone Ranger
Work Of Art - Another Night
Work Of Art - Let Me Dream
X-Romance - You and I



Older Releases added on July of 2022 on BeRock's NonStop Music!

Uzi- Away From My Heart
After Hours - Paint It Black
After Hours - Without You
After Hours - Love Attack
After Hours - Paint It Black
After Hours - Stay By My Side
After Hours - Without You
All-Star Tribute to Bon Jovi - I'll Be There for You (Feat. Chaz )
All-Star Tribute to Bon Jovi - Livin' on a Prayer (Feat. Marq Torien)
Ana Christensen - Brave New World
Ana Christensen - Girl Woman Child
Ana Christensen - Isolate Your Heart
Ana Christensen - Rosie
Ana Christensen - Shotgun
Annica - Stanna!
Arlen Salte - Another Heart Breaks
Arlen Salte - I Don't Want To Dance
Arlen Salte - Second Wind
Arlen Salte - She's So Easy To Use
Arlen Salte - What About You
Arrival - Love Comes and Goes
Arrival - Nobody's Business
B.E. Taylor Group - Karen
B.E. Taylor Group -The Fire's Gone
Bad Company - Dead Of The Night
Bad Company - Fearless
Bad Company - Holy Water
Bad Company - If You Needed Somebody
Bad Company - Stranger Stranger
Bar Fly - Beg Brrow & Die
Bar Fly - Come Back Baby
Bar Fly - Fantasize
Bar Fly - Long Hot Summer
Bar Fly - Perfect World
Bar Fly - The Night is Young
Bethane Bishop - All Right Now
Bethane Bishop - Open Your Eyes
Bethane Bishop - Simply Believe
Big Chill - Iveco Wheels (The Ballad Of Chris McMahon)
Big Chill - No Stranger To Danger
Big Chill - Say Anything
Big Chill - Slowdancer
Big Talk - Rosie
Billy Squier - In The Dark (Remastered 1995)
Biloxi - Mississippi Queen.mp3
Björn Stigsson - 05 - It's Alright (feat. Tina Spångberg)
Björn Stigsson - 12 - I'm Free (feat. Peo Pettersson, Sonny Larsson, Tina Spångberg)
Blackfoot Sue - book of life
Blackfoot Sue - better than being in love
Blackfoot Sue - red on blue
Blackfoot Sue - small town
Blackfoot Sue - standing in the road
Blackfoot Sue - you're so beautiful
BLIND PANIC - Bodyheat
BLIND PANIC - Three Words
BLIND PANIC- Loving You From A Distance
Brian Howe - where'd she come from
Broken Silence - Carry The Torch
Broken Silence - Shout It Out Loud
BulletBoys - F#9
BulletBoys - Smooth up in Ya
Call It Anything - In The Air Tonight
Chacko - Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Chacko - Out Of Time (Song For Margo)
Chacko - Viva La Difference
Cinderella - Nobody's Fool
Cinderella - Shake Me
Cinderella - Somebody Save Me
Claudia Scott & Casino Steel - Beware Of The Flowers
Claudia Scott & Casino Steel - Blue For The New Generation
Claudia Scott & Casino Steel There Is No Truth
Danger Danger - Boys Will Be Boys
Danger Danger - Don't Walk Away
Danger Danger - Naughty Naughty
Danger Danger - Turn It On
david cassidy - you remember me
david-cassidy - all because of you
david-cassidy - lyin to myself
De Allen - Endless
De Allen - Heartbreak Hotel
De Allen - Hold On To The Fire
De Allen - My Time
Dr Love - Don't Hide In The Shadow
Dream Police - Bad Bad Bad
Dream Police - Brand New Car
Dream Police - It s Only Love
Dream Police - Little angel
Dream Police - Need your lov'in
Dream Police - No More Lies
Dream Police - Woke Up This Morning
Dreams - Something I Need
Dreams - The Fear Of Being Alone
Dwayne Ford - Stranger In Paradise
Dwayne Ford - Am I Ever Gonna Find Your Love
Dwayne Ford - Stranger In Paradise
Dwayne Ford - The American Blues
Eddie Money - So Good To Be In Love Again
Eddie Money - You've Really Got A Hold On Me
Ella Mental - Seasons Come Seasons Go
Ella Mental - No Woman No Cry
Ella Mental - Walking In The Light
Fiore - Out Of Love
Fiore - Strong Enough
Firefall - It Doesn't Matter
Firefall - Livin' Ain't Livin'
Fury - Look Out Now.mp3
Gail Davies - It's Amazing What a Little Love Can Do
Gail Davies - Round the Clock Lovin'
Gary Moore - Cold Day In Hell
Gary Moore - Empty Rooms (Short Version)
Gary Moore - Friday On My Mind
Gary Moore - Movin' On Down The Road
Gary Moore - Oh Pretty Woman
Gary Moore - Out in the Fields
Graham Nash - Love Has Come
Graham Nash - Out On The Island
Grey Star - Hurting You
Guardian - Forever And A Day
Guardian - Power Of Love
Guardian - Time Stands Still
Harlot - All the Angels Fly
Haywire - Love Needs A Hand
Haywire - One Heart
Haywire - The Worst Part
Holly Knight - Nature Of The Beast
Hot City - Turn to Me
Hot City - Let You Go
If_Only - If Love Could Last Forever
J.Dunmore - The wild Card.mp3
J.Dunmore - You can't break a broken Heart
Jacklyn - I Can't Love
Jacklyn - My Love Will Stay
Jacklyn - Voices
Jag - 40 Watt City
Jag - Sense of Wonder
Jag - Somebody's Watching You
Jag - Written In Stone
Jaime Kyle - Let It Go
Jane Bogaert - Fifth Dimension
Jane Bogaert - Give It Up
Jane Bogaert - Keep Us Strong
Jane Bogaert - Was It The Moonlight
Jillian - Till The Water Runs Clear
Jimmy Ryser - Take You Down
Jimmy Ryser - Wandering Mind
Joal - .All Or Nothing.mp3
Joal - Looking For The Line
Joal - Rock That City
Joal - Same Old Story
Joal - Turn The World Around
Joe Bruce & 2nd Avenue - We Can Have It All
Joe Lynn Turner -Waiting for a Girl Like You
Joseph Williams - It's a Far Cry
Joseph Williams - Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (If I Seem To Wander)
Julie Miller - Don't Cry For Me
Karen Blake - I'm Not A Loser
Karen Blake - I'm Only Here For You
Karen Blake - Someone To Love
Ken Tamplin - Bad To The Bone
Ken Tamplin - Stand By Me
Ken Tamplin - Suzie Q
Kerri Anderson - Corner Of Life
Kerri Anderson - Day By Day
Kerri Anderson - Ghosts
king of hearts - remember when different
king of hearts - hold on to love
king of hearts - in so many words
King Of The Hill - Place In My Heart
Kingdom - Lost In The City
Kingdom - Love Child
Kingdom - On The Line
Kingdom - Riding Through The Night
Kingdom - Sign From Your Heart
Kingdom - The Run
Kingdom - Waiting For Love
Kingdom - We Got Love
Kingdom of Desire - Someone's calling
Kingdom of Desire - Who's sorry now
Kyle Vincen - A Night Like This
Kyle Vincen - Something To Remember Me
Laos - Straight to the top
Laos - We called it love
Lion - Hard & Heavy
Lisa Bade - Jersey Girl
Lisa Bade - No Way To Treat A Lady
Lisa Bade - Suspicion
Lisa Dominique - Angels Don't Fall
Lisa Dominique - Flames in My Heart
Lisa Dominique - Gypsy Ryder
Lisa Dominique - TKO
Lisa Dominique - To Be a Woman
Lisa Hartman - Games
Lisa Hartman - Hidin' From Love
Lisa Hartman - If Love Must Go
Lisa Hartman - Miss You (Like I Do)
Lisa Hartman - Why Baby
Lost And Found - Going' All The Way
Lost And Found - Hear Me
Lost And Found - Make It Real

Lost And Found - Never Alone
Lost And Found - Welcome To The Real World
Lost Boyz - I Say Goodbye
Lost Boyz - Never Knew Love
Loudguns - Line Of Fire
Loudguns - Rain Keeps Falling
Matrixx - Deeper Than You Think - Claim The Night
Michael Ball - One Step At A Time
Michael Fury - Affairs In Babylon
Michael Fury - Hot Words
Michael Fury - These Are The Good Times
Michael O'Brien - I Believe
Micky Moody & Bernie Marsden - I Got A Mind To Get Even
Micky Moody & Bernie Marsden - Louisa
Micky Moody & Bernie Marsden - Ozone Friendly
Mikael Rickfors - Still the fool
Mikael Rickfors - After loving you
Motley Crue - Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)
Motley Crue - Kickstart My Heart
Motley Crue - Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S.)
Motley Crue - Without You
Neverland - Cry All Night
Night Plane - Another Hotel
Night Plane - Cheated
Night Plane - Don't Be Fooled
Night Plane - Line Of Fire
Night Plane - Night Plane
Night Plane - Out Of Control
Nikki Cruze - Joe's Song
Nikki Cruze - We Rock
No Credit - Stay Tonight
No Shame - A Hard Man Is Good To Find
No Shame - East Of Eden
Ole Evenrud - This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us
One Way Street - Day By Day
One Way Street - Fun Bags
One Way Street - If He Sinned
One Way Street - When It Hurts
Oni Logan - Bring Back The Days
OutRider - Baby Get Back
OutRider - Bigger Than Blue
Paul Rodgers - Talking Guitar Blues
Paul_Laine - After The Rain
Paul_Laine - Is It Love
Paul_Laine - Riding On The Wind
Paul_Laine - Two Sides Of Love
Phase 4 - Ticket To Ride
Phase 4 - What Was It For
planet-3 - I Dont Want To Say Goodbye
planet 3 - I Will Be Loving You
Pretty Boy - Stranger
Pretty Boy - She Makes Me Crazy
Private Eye - Addicted To You
Private Eye - Bakersfield Blues
Private Eye - So Suspicious
Private Life - Nothin' to Lose
Private Life - Cure for Love
Quarterflash - Girl In The Wind
Quarterflash - Is It Any Wonder
Quarterflash - Paint It Blue
Quarterflash - Something More
Quarterflash - Where I Stand
Rachel Rachel - Carry on Wayward Son
Rachel Rachel - I Will Stand by You
Rachel Rachel - Long Lost Love
Rachel Rachel - Outside Looking In
Rachel Rachel - There Ain't Enough Love
Rage n' Rox - Drive It In
Rage n' Rox - Meet Me In The Morning
Rage n' Rox - Never Wanted
Rage n' Rox - No More Lies
Rage n' Rox - Standin' In The Rain
Rain (CAN) - Take Some Heart
Ransom - I'll Never Leave You
Ransom - Fallen Angel
Ransom - Memories Of You
Ransom - Tonight
Raymond May - Romantic Guy
Raymond May - True Life
Raymond May - True Pretender
ReinXeed - Voulez-Vous.mp3
ReinXeed - Take a Chance on Me
Richard Wilde - Wishing
Rob Daiker - The Hardest Part
Rob Frazier - The Heartland
Rob Tro - It Only Hurts When I Breathe
Rob Tro - Kari's Eyes
Rob Tro - Let Me Be The One
Robin - Somewhere
Robin Brock - After The Storm
Robin Brock - If I Can Forget
Robin Brock - You Let Me
Roxxess - Sky High
Saints Believe Us - Can't Sleep
Saints Believe Us - Forever
Saints Believe Us - Giving it up for More
Saints Believe Us - I Can Drive
Saints Believe Us - Lost in Your Life
Saints Believe Us - Touch.mp3
Seasons In Color - Chance Sweet Freedom
Seasons In Color - Hold On
Shari Ulrich - Bad Bad Girl
Shari Ulrich - Looking for Me
Sing Sing & The Crime - Colors
SingSing - 1000 Times A Day
SingSing - Don't Wanna Lose Her
Skid Row - 18 and Life
Skid Row - Big Guns
Skid Row - I Remember You
Skid Row - Youth Gone Wild
Slick Moon - California Dreamin'
Slick Moon - Love Is On The Radio
Slick Moon - Sounds Of Silence
Slick Moon - Stay The Night
Slick Moon - T-T-T-Touch Me
Slick Moon - Without You
Snydly Crunch - Cry Wolf
Snydly Crunch - Trusting Soul
Statement - Dancin' On The Edge
Statement - Don't Say Good-Bye
Statement - Leave It Up To You
Statement - Live It Up
Statement - Who Do You Love....
Steelheart - Can't Stop Me Lovin' You
Steelheart - Everybody Loves Eileen
Steelheart - She's Gone
Steffanie - Hideaway
Steve Stevens - Atomic Playboys
Steve Stevens - Power Of Suggestion
Steve Thomson - Don't Turn Me Away
Steve Thomson - Driving In America
Steve Thomson - Europe
Steve Thomson - Forever My Love
Steve Thomson - I'm On My Way
Stingray - Gonna Keep My Head Together
Stingray - Love Saver
Stingray - Whole Lotta Fire
Strangeways - Face To Face
Strangeways - Never Gonna Lose It
Strangeways - Only A Fool
Strangeways -Close To The Edge
Streek - I Can't Go On
T.C. Kross - Love Or War
T.C. Kross - River Road
Tami Show - Cry Blue
Tami Show - Do You Love Enough
Tami Show - I Remember You
Tami Show - Say The Word
Tami Show - Secrets Never Lie
Tami Show - Sometimes I Wonder
Tami Show - Stay 'Til September
Tangier - Since You Been Gone
Tattoo Rodeo - Been Your Fool
THE BRYAN HUGHES GROUP - Who´s gonna love you
THE BRYAN HUGHES GROUP -02 Who´s gonna love you
The Dogs D'Amour - Homesick Angel
The Jones Bros - Hat Trick Man
The Jones Bros - I Want To Be Blind
The Koo - Got To Get Together
The Storm - I'll Be Lovin' You
The Storm - Keep This Love Alive
The Storm - Leave Well Enough Alone
The Storm - Sweet Surrender
The Storm - The Last Time
Tim Thorney - All The Things I Do
Tim Thorney - Faraway Story
Tony - Hadley - For Your Blue Eyes Only
Tony Hadley - Free Wheel
Tony Hadley - Lost In Your Love
Tony Hadley - Never Give Up On Love
Tony Hadley - Somebody Up There
Tony Hadley - This Time
Tower City - Something About You
V.A.M.P - Addicted
Vagabond Road - Baby It's Over
Vagabond Road - Love Will Never Die
Vangouw - When You Think Of Me
Vince Neil - Can't Have Your Cake
Vince Neil - You're Invited (But Your Friend Can't Come)
Vinnie Vincent - Love Kills
Vinnie Vincent - That Time Of Year
Walk On Fire - Blind Faith
Walk On Fire - Hearts Of Gold
Wayne Smart - You're The Light
Wayne Smart - Eternity
What If - Perfect World
What If - What If
White Flame - The Look
Wild August - Here She Comes
Wildland - All My Love
Wildland - Welcome To The Wildlife
Wildland - Wildland
Winger - Can't Get Enuff
Winger - Easy Come Easy Go
Winger - Miles Away
Zaw Win Htut - Nhaung Kyoe
Ziggurat - I'll Keep You Free
Ziggurat - Just a Picture
Ziggurat - Love Right Now



2017/2018 Releases On BeRock's NonStop Music
220 Volt - The Harder They Come (Rehearsal version)
7th Heaven - Pop Medley 4 (2017)
Adellaide - Andrea
Adellaide - Blind Love
Adellaide - Nights In Japan
Age Of Reflection - Borderline
Age Of Reflection - The Mirror never lies
Ailafar - Bucket List
AIRBOUND - Have A Good Time
AIRBOUND - The Sun Tomorrow
Alice Cooper - Fireball
All 41 - After The Rain
Ambient Road - Sweet Little Mary
Ambient Road - Turn Up The Heat
Ammunition - Freedom Finder
Ammunition - Virtual Reality Boy
Ammunition - Wrecking Crew
Art Nation - Ghost Town
Art Nation - Maniac
Axel Rudi Pell - Long Live Rock
Axel Rudi Pell - Love's Holding On (Feat. Bonnie Tyler)
Bai Bang - Crazy night
Ben Granfelt - My Soul To You
Bernie Marsden - Working For The C.S.A.
Big Wolf Band - Been Here Too Long
Black Paisley - It Aint Over
Black Paisley - Run Run Run
Black Star Riders - Testify Or Say Goodbye
Blood Red Saints - Something In Your Kiss
BONFIRE - Crazy Over You
BONFIRE - Feed The Fire
Boulevard - Laugh Or Cry
Boycott - Bittersweet (feat. Ina Forsman)
Boycott - Fire in the Heart
Brian May & Kerry Ellis - Parisienne Walkways
Brother Firetribe - Heart Of The Matter
Brother Firetribe - Taste Of A Champion
Cats in Space - Clown In Your Nightmare
Christine Campbell - Nobody Cares
Coastland Ride - Eye of the Storm
Code Red - Eternal pretender
Code Red - I wont be your hero
Crazy Lixx - Snakes In Paradise
Crazy Lixx - Walk The Wire
Crazy Lixx - XIII
Cyanide4 - A Light Among Darkness
DA VINCI - Little Lonely
Daniel Trigger - Penitence
Dante Fox - Lonely (2017 version)
Dare - Abandon (2018 version)
Dare - Nothing Is Stonger Than Love (2018 Version)
Dario Mollo s Crossbones - Red
Deep Purple - Roadhouse Blues
Delta Deep - Treat Her Like Candy
Derek Davis - Valerie
DeVicious - One Track Mind
DeVicious - Penthouse Floor
Dirty White Boyz - After The Rain
Dirty White Boyz - Rise
Dogface - Don't
Don Barnes - I Fall Back
Dorothy - Mountain
Dukes of the Orient - Seasons Will Change
Eric Gales - Been So Long
Fargo - Loser's Blues
FM - In It For The Money
FM - Playing Tricks On Me
Gotthard - Stay With Me
Grand Design - Face It
Grandview Station - Loser
Great White - Big Time
Great White - I'm Alright
Great White - Never Let You Down
Groundbreaker - Eighteen Til I Die
H.e.a.T - Do you Want it
Hands of Time - Help Me
Hot Blooded - I Want to Know What Love Is
Hot Blooded - Urgent
Houston - Everlasting
Houston - Glass Houses
Imperium - Beyond the stars
Imperium - Learning how to fly
Issa - Come Back Again
Issa - Irreplaceable
Jace Pawlak - Can't Find Your Heart
Jack Russell s Great White - Sign of the Times
Jay Clark Band - Get Wild
Jim Jidhed - Drowning
Jim Jidhed - Glorious
Jim Jidhed - Push on through
Jim Jidhed - The First Time
Johan Kihlberg's Impera - The Right Stuff
Jon Stevens - Oh Lord
Koritni - Take It All
Krokus - Born to Be Wild
Kryptonite - Fallen Angels
Larre U-A - Anna`s Song
Lee Aaron - I'm A Woman
Lee Aaron - You're No Good
Lioncage - Journeyman
Lionheart - Dont Pay The Ferryman
Lionville - I Will Wait
Lionville - Living on the Edge
Magic Dance - Another Life, Another Time
Major Instinct - Don't Come to Me
Marcello Vestry - When You Grow Up
Martina Edoff - Sound Of Thunder
Matti Alfonzetti - Little One
Media Luna - Aunque Quieras
Michael Bormann - Let's Make History
Michael Schenker Fest - Take Me to the Church
Michael Schenker Fest - Warrior
Mike Tramp - Give It All You Got
Miss Behaviour - Night moves
Mitch Malloy - My Therapy
Mona Lee - Just Go Away
Neon Alley - All I Want
Newman - Don't Stay Lonely
Newman - Life To Remember
Nitroville - Louisiana Bone
Niva - The Mountain
No Hot Ashes - Boulders
Nordic Union - Hypocrisy
Odyssey Desperado - Cruisin'
Odyssey Desperado - Rush Of The Wave
Osukaru - Waiting For Love (Alias Cover)
Outlasted - Someone Like You
Outloud - I Am The One
Overland - Making miracles
PAL - Carry On
PAL - Heads Or Tails
Palace - Cool Runnin'
Palace - Master of the Universe
Palace - Part of Me
PEO - Break Another Heart
Perfect Plan - Bad City Woman
Perfect Plan - Heaven In Your Eyes
Perfect Plan - Too Late
Peterik & Scherer - Brand New Heart
Phantom 5 - Renegade
Phantom 5 - Someday
Phantom 5 - We Both Had Our Time
Pleasure Maker - Matter of Feelings
Prayer - Fires of the Heart
Prayer - No Giver All Taker
Punky Meadows - Straight Shooter
Pussy Sister - Monster!
Q5 - The Right Way
Quiet Riot - Can't Get Enough
Rack Doll - Game Is Over
Rack Doll - Hot City
Rack Doll - I Can Do

Radioactive - When the Silence Gets Too Loud (Feat. Robin Beck)
Rain Or Shine - Believe
Rain Or Shine - It's A Crime
Raspberry Park - Spinning Wheel
Reach - Tell Me
Reach - Wake Me Up
Reach - You Called My Name
RebelHot - Hey Mama
RebelHot - Sunday Morning
Reckless Love - Destiny
Red Rose - Everything Can Change
Red Rose - Never Surrender
Redline Drive - Fly
Redline Drive - I'll Wait for You
Renegade - The Story of My Life
Renegade - Window Shopping (For a Lover)
Rian - Out Of My Mind
Richard Page - Southern Wind
Ritchie Blackmores Rainbow - Waiting For A Sign
Robert Berry (Alliance) - Waiting For A Girl Like You
Robin McAuley - Angel
Robin McAuley & Chris Impellitteri - I Want It All
Rock Wolves - I Need Your Love
Rock Wolves - Rock For The Nations
Romeo's Daughter - All Because Of You
Room Experience - No Sign Of Summer
Room Experience - Shock Me
S.A.Y - Eight Hundred Miles
S.A.Y - Love And Affection
Sandstroem - Mirrors
Satin - Look Up In The Sky
Satin - This Time
Scherer-Batten - The Harder I Try
Scherer-Batten - The Sound Of Your Voice
Scorpions - The Scratch
Scorpions - We Built This House
Scratch - Merry Go Round
Sergeant Steel - Dirty Habits
Sergeant Steel - Silver Spoon (Feat. Kane Roberts)
Serpentine - La Tragedienne
Serpentine - Such a Long Way Down
Serpentine - The Hardest Fall
Serpentine Sky - Groovy Feelin'
Shakra - High Noon
Shakra - Open Water
Shakra - Something You Don't Understand
Shakra - The End of Days
Shakra - Watch Me Burn
ShowBiz - My Big Mistake
ShowBiz - Push Me To The Limit
Silence Lost - Bad Deal
Silent - Around the Sun
Sixgun Renegades - All For None... None For All
Sixgun Renegades - Here To Stay
Sixgun Renegades - Rock City Blues (Born Under a Bad Sign)
Snakebite - Road to Nowhere
Space Elevator - All This Time
Space Elevator - Loneliness Of Love
Space Elevator - Really Don't Care
Stan Bush - Change the World
Stardog - Fly Away
Station - Bitter With the Better
Steel City - Heart And Soul
Steel City - Someone Like You
Steel Velvet - Julie
Steve Overland - Legs
Steve Walsh - Mercy on Me (feat. Jerome Mazza)
Steve Walsh - Winds of War (feat. Jerome Mazza)
Still Morris - Al Teu Costat
Stingray - I'll Be Waiting
Storm Warning - Coming Home
Strangers - Never Stop
Streamline - Get What's Coming
Styx - Gone Gone Gone
Styx - Hundred Million Miles From Home
Sugar Animal - Animal
Sugar Animal - Let's Get Rocked
Sunstorm - Burning Fire
Sunstorm - Tangled In Blue
Sweet & Lynch - Dying Rose
Tabu - Nada
Takara - Can't Let You Go
Talon - Holly Would
Talon - I Don't Wanna Cry
Talon - Raise 'Em High
Taste - In My Arms (Tonight)
Taste - On The Run
Taste - We Are Back
Taz Taylor Band - Kissed by Elvis
Taz Taylor Band - Purple Rain
Ted Poley - Higher
Ted Poley - Sirens
TEMPT - Comin' On To You
TEMPT - Runaway
Ten - Tell Me What To Do
That Rock Guy - Your Dreams Are Keeping Us Together
The Boyscout - Because the Night (Feat. Linda Lulka)
The Boyscout - Born To Be Wild (Feat. Claus Lessmann)
The Boyscout - Get your Kicks on Route 66 (Feat. Jeff Scott Soto)
The Boyscout - No easy Way out
The Burning Crows - 1137
The Dead Daisies - Long Way To Go
The Dead Daisies - Looking for the One
The Defiants - Take Me Back
The Defiants - That's When I'll Stop Loving You
The Dustin Ritter Band - Time Won't Wait
The Grand Masquerade - By My Side
The Last Vegas - Along For The Ride
The Poodles - Call Me
The Poodles - Don't You Worry Child
The Poodles - Maniac
The Quireboys - Help Me
The Quireboys - Walking the Dog
The Rack Doll - Red Hot Mama
The Radio Sun - Body-Heat
The Radio Sun - Tonight's The Night
The Room - Carrie
The Summit - Water To Wine
The Treatment - Cry Tough
The Vintage Caravan - The Chain
Theander Expression - Wonderful Anticipation
Thunder - Resurrection Day
Thundermother - Give Me Some Lights
Thundermother - It's Just A Tease
Tom Keifer - Nobody's Fool (2017 Duet Version)
Tony Mills - Scars
Treat - Inferno
Troy Reid (Stranded-Agent) - Double Vision
Tyketto - Circle The Wagons
Tyketto - Reach
Vega - Every Little Monster
Vega - If Not You
Vince O' Regan - Fire in the Sky
Violet Janine - Heat Of The Highway
Voodoo Circle - Higher Love
W.A.N.T.E.D. - Joanna
Warner Drive - Karma's A Bitch
White Widdow - Game Of Love
White Widdow - Last Chance For Love
Whitesnake - Anything You Want
Whitesnake - Here I Go Again (2017 version)
Whitesnake - Is This Love (2017 version)
Whitesnake - Soldier Of Fortune (2015 Version)
Whitesnake - Stormbringer
Wickman Road - I Can't Wait Anymore
Wigelius - Set Me Free
Wigelius - These Tears I Cry
Worry Blast - 44
Worry Blast - Party Downtown

2015/2016 Releases On BeRock's NonStop Music
7HY - Broken Man
ABO - Shadow
AC/DC - Rock The Blues Away
AC/DC - Sweet Candy
Acacia Avenue - Real Love
Ace Frehley - Bring It On Home
Adam Norsworthy - Leave A Light On
Adam Norsworthy - Shores Of Heaven
Ali Maas & Micky Moody - Horse Or A Harley
Amboaje - All About Living
Amboaje - Feels Like Saturday Night
Ammunition - Tie Me Down
Angels Or Kings - A Harder Place
Angels Or Kings - On the corner Of Love And Lost
Anker - Nowhere Is Forever
AOR - The Smartest Girl in L.A
AOR - The Trail To Your Heart (Feat. Tommy Funderburk)
Apollo Under Fire - Wait
Art Nation - 3000 Beats
Art Of Nation - Need you to Understand
Atomic Love Reactor - Atomic Love Reactor
Axel Rudi Pell - Breaking the Rules
Bailey - Dirty Little Secret
Bailey - Love Falls Down
Baton Rogue Morgue - Anything
Baton Rogue Morgue - Hat Trick
Baton Rogue Morgue - Senoritas
Black Aces - Girl Like You
Black Ingvars - Gimme Gimme Gimme
Blackmore's Night - Moonlight Shadow
Blackmore's Night - Will O' the Wisp
Blueminded - Move On
Bohemian Lifestyle - Superman
Bon Jovi - Born Again Tomorrow
Bon Jovi - I'm Your Man
Bon Jovi - Roller Coaster
Bon Jovi - Saturday Night Gave Me Sunday Morning
Bon Jovi - This House Is Not For Sale
Bon Vivant - El son de tus Alas
Bonafide - Get It Bad
Boneyard Dog - Lonely Road
Burn - Livin’ On A Prayer
Burn -Tush
Care Of Night - Say A Prayer
Catalano - Dangerous Thing
Catalano - Stormchild
Cats In Space - Only In Vegas
Cheap Trick - Heart On the Line
China Sky - You're Not Alone
Chris Antblad - Every Second with You
Chris Antblad - Learned to Love Me
Chris Antblad - Ode to the Mute Panther
Clay Howard - As Long as I Have You
Cold Shot - Give Me What I Need
Cold Truth - No Sleep Til Sturgis
Constancia - Hold On My Heart
COP - Loner
Cornerstone - Nothing To Lose
Corvus - Can't Stop Falling
Cruzh - Aim for the Head
Cruzh - Hard to Get
Cruzh - Straight From My Heart
DAFFODIL - Down The Corridor
Dakota - 1-2-3 Baby Baby
Dakota - Push
Damage - Shoot It Out
Danger Zone - I Love Crazy
Dante Fox - I Can't Stop Tonight
Dare - On My Own
Daughtry - Long Live Rock & Roll
Def Leppard - Invincible
Def Leppard - Let's Go
Def Leppard - Man Enough
Degreed - Better Safe Than Sorry
Dimh Project - A Poor Genuine Master
Dion Bayman - One More Reason
Don Henley - That Old Flame (feat. Martina McBride)
Drive She Said - In ‘R Blood
Drunken Rollers - Driver's License
Drunken Rollers - Rolling Down the Highway
Eclipse - Breakdown
Eclipse - Caught Up In The Rush
Eden - Fear Has Gone
Emma Varg - Love Don't Live Here Anymore
Epic - Love Will Find a Way
Exxocet - Party Tonite
Featherstone - I Need Myself The Most
FM - I Want You
FM - You're The Best Thing About Me
Free From Sin - Stumbling Down a Wicked Road
Grand Slam - Face
Grand Slam - Waiting For Tomorrow
Great White - Another One Bites The Dust
H.e.a.T - 1000 Miles (Live In London 2015)
H.e.a.T - In And Out Of Trouble (Live In London 2015)
H.e.a.T - Living On The Run (Live In London 2015)
Handful Of Rain - Without You
Heart Attack - Falling Apart
Heart Attack - Livin A Lie
Heart Attack - Nightmare
Heavy Star - Blessed
Horyzon - I Believe in love Again
Hungryheart - All Over Again
I.F.O.R. - We Still Rock
Iconic Eye - Now That I've Found Love
In Faith - In Flames
Intuitive - Heaven
Issa - Long Time Coming
Issa - We Rise
Jace Pawlak - Can't Find Your Heart
Jack Wagner - Drivin' Miss Daisy
James Durbin - N1n9teen
Jan Le'Brandt - Mirror Mirror
Jasmine Cain - Break Even
JC Crash - Bighead
JC Crash - Powder my soul
JC Crash - She's no angel
Jeff Brown - 23 Years
Jesse Damon - Foolish To Me
Joe Lynn Turner - Let the Music Do the Talkin
Joel Hoekstra - Changes
Joel Hoekstra - Until I Left You
John Pratt (Firefly) - Hot Blooded
JoJo Anthony - Never Met an Angel
July Reign - Rest In Ruins
Khymera - She’s Got The Love
Khymera - Who’s Fooling Who
King Company - No Man's Land
L.A. Guns - We Will Rock You
Larry Baud - Make You Mine
Livesay - With or Without You
Los Zigarros - Que Demonios Hago Yo Aqui
Love N' Revenge - Rest of Time
Lovebite - Lock N Load

Magic Dance - Another Life, Another Time
Major Instinct - Don't Come to Me
Marcello Vestry - When You Grow Up
Martina Edoff - Sound Of Thunder
Matti Alfonzetti - Little One
Media Luna - Aunque Quieras
Michael Bormann - Let's Make History
Mike Tramp - Give It All You Got
Miss Behaviour - Night moves
Mitch Malloy - My Therapy
Neon Alley - All I Want
Newman - Don't Stay Lonely
Nitroville - Louisiana Bone
Niva - The Mountain
Nordic Union - Hypocrisy
Osukaru - Waiting For Love (Alias Cover)
Outlasted - Someone Like You
Overland - Making miracles
Palace - Cool Runnin'
Palace - Master of the Universe
Palace - Part of Me
PEO - Break Another Heart
Peterik & Scherer - Brand New Heart
Phantom 5 - Renegade
Phantom 5 - Someday
Phantom 5 - We Both Had Our Time
Punky Meadows - Straight Shooter
Pussy Sister - Monster!
Q5 - The Right Way
Rack Doll - Game Is Over
Rack Doll - Hot City
Rack Doll - I Can Do
Radioactive - When the Silence Gets Too Loud (Feat. Robin Beck)
Raspberry Park - Spinning Wheel
Reach - Tell Me
Reach - Wake Me Up
Reach - You Called My Name
Reckless Love - Destiny
Red Rose - Everything Can Change
Red Rose - Never Surrender
Redline Drive - Fly
Redline Drive - I'll Wait for You
Richard Page - Southern Wind
Robert Berry (Alliance) - Waiting For A Girl Like You
Robin McAuley - Angel
Robin McAuley & Chris Impellitteri - I Want It All
Rock Wolves - I Need Your Love
Rock Wolves - Rock For The Nations
Romeo's Daughter - All Because Of You
Room Experience - No Sign Of Summer
Room Experience - Shock Me
S.A.Y - Eight Hundred Miles
S.A.Y - Love And Affection
Scorpions - The Scratch
Scorpions - We Built This House
Scratch - Merry Go Round
Sergeant Steel - Dirty Habits
Sergeant Steel - Silver Spoon (Feat. Kane Roberts)
Serpentine - La Tragedienne
Serpentine - Such a Long Way Down
Serpentine - The Hardest Fall
Serpentine Sky - Groovy Feelin'
Shakra - High Noon
Shakra - Watch Me Burn
ShowBiz - My Big Mistake
ShowBiz - Push Me To The Limit
Silence Lost - Bad Deal
Silent - Around the Sun
Snakebite - Road to Nowhere
Space Elevator - Loneliness Of Love
Space Elevator - Really Don't Care
Stardog - Fly Away
Station - Bitter With the Better
Steel Velvet - Julie
Steve Overland - Legs
Still Morris - Al Teu Costat
Stingray - I'll Be Waiting
Storm Warning - Coming Home
Strangers - Never Stop
Sugar Animal - Animal
Sugar Animal - Let's Get Rocked
Sunstorm - Burning Fire
Sunstorm - Tangled In Blue
Sweet & Lynch - Dying Rose
Tabu - Nada
Takara - Can't Let You Go
Talon - Holly Would
Talon - I Don't Wanna Cry
Talon - Raise 'Em High
Ted Poley - Higher
Ted Poley - Sirens
TEMPT - Comin’ On To You
TEMPT - Runaway
Ten - Tell Me What To Do
The Boyscout - Because the Night (Feat. Linda Lulka)
The Boyscout - Born To Be Wild (Feat. Claus Lessmann)
The Boyscout - Get your Kicks on Route 66 (Feat. Jeff Scott Soto)
The Boyscout - No easy Way out
The Burning Crows - 1137
The Dead Daisies - Long Way To Go
The Dead Daisies - Looking for the One
The Defiants - Take Me Back
The Defiants - That's When I'll Stop Loving You
The Dustin Ritter Band - Time Won't Wait
The Last Vegas - Along For The Ride
The Radio Sun - Body-Heat
The Room - Carrie
The Summit - Water To Wine
The Treatment - Cry Tough
Theander Expression - Wonderful Anticipation
Thunder - Resurrection Day
Thundermother - Give Me Some Lights
Thundermother - It's Just A Tease
Treat - Inferno
Troy Reid (Stranded-Agent) - Double Vision
Tyketto - Circle The Wagons
Tyketto - Reach
Vega - Every Little Monster
Vega - If Not You
Vince O’ Regan - Fire in the Sky
Violet Janine - Heat Of The Highway
W.A.N.T.E.D. - Joanna
White Widdow - Game Of Love
White Widdow - Last Chance For Love
Whitesnake - Anything You Want
Whitesnake - Soldier Of Fortune (2015 Version)
Whitesnake - Stormbringer
Wickman Road - I Can't Wait Anymore
Wigelius - Set Me Free
Wigelius - These Tears I Cry



Older Releases added on February of 2015 on BeRock's NonStop Music!

All I Know - All Night Long
All I Know - Into Your Heart
All I Know - Rain
Allison - Find It To Be Love
Allison - Knock On Wood
Allison - Rain
Allison - She Got Love
Allison - Want You So Bad
Beau Nasty - Love Potion Number 9
Black 'N Blue - One For The Money
Black 'N Blue - School Of Hard Knocks
Blue Tears - Kisses In The Dark
Blue Tears - Long Way Home
Blue Tears - Love Machine
Blue Tears - Rock you to Heaven
Blue Tears - The Last Serenade
Brad Darrid - If Love's Not Enough
Cadillac Bratz - Over E-zs
Christy Steele - Cry Myself To Sleep
Christy Steele - Love You Til It Hurts
Christy Steele - Magnet To Steel
Christy Steele - Two Bodies
David Readman - Without You
Diesel Dahl - Dolce Vita
Dmolls - 777
Dmolls - French Quarter
Dmolls - Real Love
Eddy Wilson’s Blues Band - Big Log
Eddy Wilson’s Blues Band - I've Got The Blues For You
Eddy Wilson’s Blues Band - Some Kind Of Wonderful
Eddy Wilson’s Blues Band - When Love Comes To Town
Faster Pussycat - Bathroom Wall
Faster Pussycat - Cathouse
Ferdy Doernberg - Life's Too Short For Long Goodbyes
Ferdy Doernberg - Marilyn Hayworth & Rita Manore
Giuffria - I Must Be Dreaming
Gowan - Get It While You Can
Great White - Call It Rock & Roll
Great White - Can't Shake It
Great White - Once Bitten Twice Shy
Great White - Rock Me
Great White - Rollin' Stoned
Hanoi Rocks - Dont You Ever Leave Me
Hanoi Rocks - Up Around The Bend
HSAS - Missing You
Hurricane - Hurricane
Hurricane - It's Only Heaven
Jef Scott - Graceland
Jef Scott - It's Not Funny Anymore
Jeff Healey Band - Cruel Little Number
Jeff Healey Band - I Got A Line On You
Jeff Healey Band - I Think I Love You Too Much (Feat. Mark Knopfler)
Jeff Healey Band - Lost In Your Eyes
Jeff Healey Band - See The Light
Jesse Strange - Bottom Of The Bottle
Jesse Strange - The Island Song
Jesse Strange - Wildside of Heaven
Jim Peterik - Burning With A Reason
Jim Peterik - Hiding From Yourself
Johnny Crash - All The Way In Love
Johnny Crash - Freedom Road
Johnny Crash - Halfway To Heaven
Johnny Crash - Hey Kid
Karla DeVito - Little America
Karla DeVito - We Accelerate
Kick Axe - Comin After You
Kick Axe - Make Your Move
Kick Axe - Welcome To The Club
Kick Axe - With A Little Help From My Friends
Kix - Don't Close Your Eyes
Lisa Price - No One's Business
Little Yankees - Don t Leave Me
Little Yankees - The Power
Marc LaBossiere - Lonely Ride
Mark Ewards - Candy Baby
Matrex - You Wan't See Tears
Naro - Mama Lay Your Head Down
Naro - Miracle

PEO - All Wirth It Now
PEO - Can't Pull The Wool
Poison - I Won't Forget You
Prism - Stand Up For Love
Push Uk - Miracle Of Love
Push Uk - Secret Lover
R.A.W. - To Hot To Handle
R.A.W. - Touch Of Love
R.A.W. - Turn Back Time
R.A.W. - Why Stop
ReinXeed - Listen To Your Heart (Roxette Cover)
ReinXeed - The Look (Roxette Cover)
Rick Price - A House Divided
Rick Price - Forever Me And You
Rick Price - River Of Love
Rick Price - What's Wrong With That Girl
Rick Vito - I Am Not Alone
Roughhouse - Dont Go Away
Roughhouse - Love Is Pain
Roughhouse - Tonite
RTZ - All You've Got
RTZ - Face The Music
RTZ - Livin' For The Rock 'N' Roll
Ruby Faith & The Waiting World - Chains
Ruby Faith & The Waiting World - Cry Alone
Russ Ballard - Hey Bernardette
Russ Ballard - Voices
Scott Sudbury - The Letting Go
Scott Wenzel - Give Up Your Heart
Sea Hags - Half The Way Valley
Sea Hags - Someday
Sea Hags - Under The Night Stars
Shayle - Calling Your Own
Sic Vikki - That Was Now And This Is Then
Sic Vikki - Thursday Nights
Signal - Arms Of A Stranger
Signal - Does It Feel Like Love
Signal - Wake Up You Little Fool
Sleeze Beez - House Of Fire
Sleeze Beez - Rock In The Western World
Sleeze Beez - Stranger Than Paradise
Sleeze Beez - When The Brains Go To The Balls
Slyce - Just In Love
Southgang - Love Aint Enough
Southgang - Love For Sale
Stealer - E.S.P.
Stealer - On My Own
Steelheart - Everybody loves Eileen
Stephan Kaemmerer - Could It Be Over
Stephan Kaemmerer - Maniac
Steve Whitney Band - Make It Hot!
Steve Whitney Band - 156...Sexy Sue
Steve Whitney Band - AC-DC (Everybody Wants To Rock 'n' Roll)
Steve Whitney Band - Boys In Blue
Steve Whitney Band - Watcha Gonna Do
Stone Fury - Break Down The Walls
Stone Fury - Dont Tell Me Why
Stone Fury - Hold It
Stone Fury - Life Is Too Lonely
Survivor - Burning Heart
Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger
Survivor - How Much Love
Terry Ilous - Waiting For A Girl Like You
Torben Schmidt - Good Day To Be Living
Transit - Cry For Attention
Transit - Good Emotions
Transit - Lets Go To The Party
Transit - You Cant Stop The Fire
Vargas, Bogert & Appice - Black Night (Feat. Paul Shortino)
Vargas, Bogert & Appice - Parisienne Walkways (Feat. Paul Shortino)
Vision - Till The End Of Time
Vixen - Edge of a Broken Heart
West Of Sunset - West Of Sunset
White Eagle - Take Me For A Ride
White Heat - Got To Win Your Love
White Lion - When The Children Cry
World On Edge - Standing Push And Fall



Older Releases added on December of 2014 on BeRock's NonStop Music!
707 - A Sinful Woman
707 - Love Me Right
707 - No More
707 - Same Way Out
A.K.A - Waiting For You
Alannah Myles - Black Velvet
Alannah Myles - Hurry Make Love
Alannah Myles - Love Is
Alannah Myles - Still Got This Thing
Alaska - Need Your Love
Alaska - Susie Blue
Aldo Nova - Monkey On Your Back
Aldo Nova - Victim Of A Broken Heart
Allison - Crazy
Allison - Did I Know
Allison - Dreams Of Glory
Allison - Without A Woman
Amaze Me - Help Me Through The Night
Amaze Me - I Dream Long Distance
Amaze Me - You Say You Never Cry
Amaze Me - Your Lover Your Friend
Amy Wolter - Be That Child
Amy Wolter - Oils On This Canvas
Ashbury - Take Your Love Away
Autodrive - Turn Me On
B.E. Taylor Group - Karen
B.E. Taylor Group -The Fire's Gone
Babylon AD - Down The River Of No Return
Babylon AD - Of The Rose
Babylon AD - So Savage The Heart
Babylon AD - Take The Dog Off The Chain
Bad Company - Holy Water
Bad Habit - More Than A Feeling
Bad Habit - Rainbow
Bedrokk - Don't Fight The Fire
Bedrokk - New York Calling
Bedrokk - Wooly Bull
Beggars &Thieves - Cost Ya Nothing To Love
Beggars &Thieves - Don't Call It Love
Beggars &Thieves - Party World
Beggars &Thieves - Piece Of My Heart
Benny Mardones - Close to the Flame
Benny Mardones - Run to You
Black Rose - Lose My Mind
Black Rose - Time Doesn't Matter At All
Bon Jovi - Livin' On A Prayer
Bon Jovi - Miracle
Bon Jovi - Runaway
Bon Jovi - You Give Love A Bad Name
Brighton Rock - Cocaine
Britny Fox - Dream On
Britny Fox - Hair Of The Dog
Broadcast - Get Out Of My House
Broadcast - How It Hurts You
Brother Firetribe - Heart Full Of Fire
Brother Firetribe - Lover Tonite
Brother Firetribe - One Single Breath
Brother Firetribe - Runaways
Bryan Adams - Run To You
Bryan Adams - Summer Of 69
Bryan Adams - Cloud Number Nine
Captive Heart - Over You - Over Me
Captive Heart - Shattered Dreams
CCCP - One Of These Nights
City People - Higher
City People - Respect
Dan Lucas - If You Need Me Tonite (feat. Robin Beck)
Danger - Take My Love
Danny Spanos - I'd Lie To You For Your Love
Danny Spanos - Lorraine
Dante Fox - Love Tried To Find You
Dante Fox - Under The Seven Skies
Dare - Silent Thunder (Live)
Dare - Storm Wind (Live)
David Hallyday - High
David Leach - Dancing To The Rythm
Def Leppard - Animal (Remestered)
Def Leppard - Hysteria (Remastered)
Def Leppard - Love And Affection (Remastered)
Def Leppard - Love Bites (Remastered)
Desmond Child - Love on a Rooftop
Desmond Child - The Gift of Life
Desmond Child - You're the Story of my Life
Distant Cry - Cold Shock
Distant Cry - Hush
Distant Cry - Last Goodbye
Distant Cry - One For All
Donnie Miller - Me And You
Donnie Miller - Normal Guy
Donnie Miller - One Of The Boys
Erika - Neon City Lights
Evenrud - Broken Heart
Evenrud - Peepin' Tom
Face To Face - A Place Called Home
Face To Face - As Forever As You
Face To Face - Change In The Wind
Face To Face - Ever Since Eve (Blood Gone Bad)
Femme Fatale - Falling In And Out Of Love
Femme Fatale - If
Femme Fatale - Touch And Go
Femme Fatale - Waiting For The Big One
Forsale - Call My Name
Forsale - Falling Down
Forsale - Only Love
Forsale - Stranger In Town

Fury - Love's Ammunition
Fury - No For An Answer
Fury - Shouldn't I Be
Harlequin - Innocence
Harlequin - Superstitious Feeling
Harlequin - Survive
Hurricane - Dance Little Sister
Hurricane - Don't Wanna Dream
Hurricane - Let It Slide
Issa - Angels crying
Issa - Two Hearts
Jack Street Band - Two Hearts
James McCarty - Home Is Where The Heart Is
James McCarty - Out Of The Dark
John Cafferty And The Beaver Brown Band - Wishing Well
Kilowatt - Voices
Kix - Blow My Fuse
Kix - Cold Blood
Kix - Girl Money
La Famiglia - Here I Go Again
Lee Aaron - Whatcha Do To My Body
LineHouse - Breathe Through You
LineHouse - Every Little Heartbeat
LineHouse - First Love
LineHouse - I Need You
LineHouse - Stormrider
LineHouse - Two Hearts
LineHouse - What Makes It Feel So Right
Living Daylights - Madalaine
Living Daylights - Pieces of my heart
Living Daylights - Tears
Loud House - Wrapped
Loverboy - Turn Me Loose
Lynn Allen - Romeo
Lynn Allen - What She Don't Know
Masterpeace - Sister Justice
Michael Sweet - Baby Doll
Michael Sweet - Second Chance
Michael Sweet - Ticket To Freedom
Nuclear Valdez - (Share A Little) Shelter
Nuclear Valdez - I Think I Fell
Paul Shortino & JK Northrup - Forgotten Child
Paul Shortino & JK Northrup - Girls Like You
Paul Shortino & JK Northrup - Remember Me
Peo - A Violent Wind
Peo - Caldera
Peo - Shine
Peo - When The Feeling Is Ending
Ray Whitlock - Deeper The Love
Red Siren - How Dare A Woman
Red Siren - One Good Lover
Rick Price - Not A Day Goes By
Rick Mathews - American Girl
Rick Mathews - Kelly Be My Girl
Rick Mathews - Lookin' For America
Rick Mathews - Only Love
Rick Mathews - Playin' On The Radio
Roughhouse - Don't Go Away
Roughhouse - Love Is Pain
Roughhouse - Tonite
Say - Skin On Skin
Scarlet Red - Why
Scarlet Red - You Live Fast
Second Heat - Chained
Second Heat - Someday
Sha-Boom - Here I Am
Sha-Boom - My Hometown
Sha-Boom - Why Did I...
Skagarack - Anytime, Anywhere.
Skagarack - My Way On The Highway
Smokie - Bang Bang
Stone Fury - Life Is Too Lonely
Sweet F.A - Paralyzed (By You)
Sweet F.A - Sexuality
Sweet F.A - Storm Is Movin' In
Sweet F.A - Temptation
Talk Of The Town - Free Like An Eagle
Tattoo Rodeo - Been Your Fool
The DeGarmo & Key Band - Addey
The DeGarmo & Key Band - Emmanuel
The DeGarmo & Key Band - This Time Thru
The DeGarmo & Key Band - Wayfaring Stranger
The Law - Best Of My Love
The Law - Come Save Me (Julianne)
The Law - For A Little Ride
The Law - Laying Down The Law
The Law - Nature Of The Beast
The Law - Stone
The Law - Stone Cold
Vinci - Sixth Sense
Vinci - Smell Of Spring
Vinci - The Shooter
Vinci - What About You
Virgin Blye - Stay
Warrant - Cherry Pie
Warrant - Down Boys
Warrant - Heaven
Warrant - Uncle Tom's Cabin
Warrant - We Will Rock You
White Lion - Radar Love
Whitesnake - Give Me All Your Love
Whitesnake - Here I Go Again



2013/2014 Releases On BeRock's NonStop Music

5th Avenue - Civilized In Harmony
5th Avenue - Rough Affair
AC Angry - Hellrock Anthem
Acacia Avenue - Love Will Survive (Feat. Rob Moratti)
Adrenaline Rush - Black n' Blue
Adrenaline Rush - Change
Adrenaline Rush - Want it All
Adrenaline Rush - When We're Gone
Adriangale - Suckerpunch!
Adriangale - You
Airless - I Don't Care
Alain Concepcion - If I' m Losing You
Alfred Buning - Down To The Grain
Alicate - Carpe diem
Alicate - Make a wish
Alien - Love Will Lead Me Home
Alien - Summer Of Love
Allen Lande - Come & Dream With Me
American Dog & Fin - Twilight Zone
Anastasio Farini - Wild Boyz (Duran Duran cover -Feat George Gakis)
Angelica - Breaking My Heart
Angelica - Nothing Else You Can Break
Angelica - Riding Out The Storm
Arc Angel - Get To You
Asia - Valkyrie
Axel Rudi Pell - Hey Hey My My
Axel Rudi Pell - Long Way To Go
Bai Bang - All Around The World
Bai Bang - Everybody Everywhere
Bai Bang - Gonna Make It
Bai Bang - Raise Your Hands
Baton Rogue Morgue - Massacre of St. Valentine's Day
Baton Rogue Morgue - Ride to Die
Berggren Kerslake Band - Back On The Road Again
Bernie Marsden - Trouble (Feat. David Coverdale)
Bernie Marsden - Walk Away
Big City - Midnight Train
Big City - The Last Step
Bill Curreri - Lay Your Money Down
Blackmore'S Night - Dancer And The Moon
Blackmore'S Night - I Think It's Going To Rain Today
Blackmore'S Night - Lady In Black
Blackmore'S Night - The Moon Is Shining (Somewhere Over The Sea)
Blackmore'S Night - The Temple Of The King
BloYaTop - Tight Spot
Bob Dee with Petro - Obsession
Bon Jovi - Because We Can
Bon Jovi - Born To Be My Baby (Acoustic Version 2014)
Bon Jovi - That's What The Water Made Me
Bon Jovi - With These Two Hands
Bonafide - Liquid Lover
Bonafide - Rock N' Roll Skal
Bret Michaels - Sweet Home Alabama
Brother Firetribe - Close To The Bone
Brother Firetribe - For Better Or For Worse
Brother Firetribe - Love Is Not Enough
Brother Firetribe - Tired Of Dreaming
BST - Release the Beast
BST - The Hall of Crossfire
BST - Time to Light the Fire
BST - You Cannot Survive Life
Burning Kingdom - Watching as It Burns
Burning Kingdom - We Are a Wall
Burning Rain - Heaven Gets Me By
Burning Rain - Made for Your Heart
Burning Rain - Too Hard to Break
Burning Rain - When Can I Believe in Love
Carousel Vertigo - I'm A Comin' World
Carousel Vertigo - Long Highway
Casablanca - Barriers
Chasing Violets - A Shot In The Dark
Chasing Violets - Silent Victory
Chasing Violets - Web Of Lies
China - Breakdown
China - Crazy Like You
Cold Shot - Long Legs
Coldspell - Paradise
Colorstone - Fighting for a cause
Colorstone- Never Too Late
Coney Hatch - Down & Dirty
Coney Hatch - Keep Drivin
Crimson lake - Nothing
Crusher - Too Far For Love
Cruzh - Hard To Get
Crystal Ball - Anyone Can Be A Hero
Cyanide 4 - Love me when i'm dead
Dalton - One Voice
Dalton - Ready Or Not
Danger - Body to Body
Danger Angel - My Last Day On Earth
Danger Angel - When I'm Gone
DarkHorse - Heaven Tonight
Daylight Robbery - Fallen Star
Daylight Robbery - Samarah Never Sleep
De La Cruz - Cherry Bomb
De La Cruz - Dreaming
De La Cruz - Gimme Love
Deep Purple - All the Time in the World
Deep Purple - It'll Be Me
Degreed - Blind Hearted
Degreed - Coming Home
Degreed - Follow Her
Device - Save Your Life
Diamond Dawn - Standing As One
Diamond Dawn - Take Me Higher
Diamond Dawn - The Hunter
Diesel - Bitter And Twisted
Diesel - Coming Home
Diesel - Lets Take The Long Way Home
Dion Bayman - Bittersweet
Dion Bayman - The Great Unknown
Dion Bayman - The Only One
Dynamite - Hail Rock n' Roll
Dynamite - Lock And Load
Dynamite - Work Hard For The Money
E19 - Don't Stop Your Love
E19 - Lost in a World Without You
Edge - I Believe In Love
Edge - I Could Never Liv
Edge - Little Girl
Edge - Nowhere To Hide
Edge - Through That Door
Eliz FoxyFord - Hole Hearted
Ez Livin - The Damage Is Done
Faith Circus - Sunshine Radio
Faith Circus - Tears You've Never Cried
Faith Circus - Turn Up The Band
Fate - Feel Like Making Love
Fate - Turn Back Time
Fergie Frederiksen - Angel Don't Cry
Ferreira - Heaven Is Her Name
Ferreira - Midnight Romeo
Find Me - Dancing To A Broken Heartbeat
Find Me - Unbreakable
Find Me - Wings Of Love
Find Me - Your Lips
Firehouse - All She Wrote (2011 Version)
Fly Like An Eagle - Rock’n Me
FM - Better Late Than Never
FM - Goodbye Yesterday
FM - Only Foolin'
FM - Story Of My Life
FM - Tough Love
Foreigner - Dirty White Boy (2014 version)
Foreigner - Hot Blooded (2014 version)
Free Spirit - Hysteria
Free Spirit - Storyline
Gary Schutt's E19 - Don't Stop Your Love
Gary Schutt's E19 - Lost in a World Without You.mp3
Gasoline Stars - LOVE
Gasoline Stars - Where In Somewhere
George Drimilis - Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City
Giulio Garghentini - No Second Chance
Golden Resurrection - Proud To Wear The Holy Cross
Gotthard - Bang!
Gotthard - Feel What I Feel
Gotthard - Get Up 'N' Move On
Gotthard - My Belief
Grand Design - You're the Only One
Great White - Eye Of The Tiger
Great White - Once Bitten, Twice Shy (Feat. Ian Hunter)
Gregory Lynn Hall - Love Can
Gregory Lynn Hall - Ordinary man
Gunner - Escape To Night
Gunner - From heaven
Gunner - In your eyes
Guru - In My Life
Guru - Straight To Your Heart
Gus G - Summer Days (Feat. Jeff Scott Soto)
H.e.a.t - A Shot At Redemption
H.e.a.T - Emergency
H.e.a.t - She's Like The Wind
HammerJack - Cards N Whiskey
Hardreams - All And Now
Hardreams - It's Only Love
Hardreams - Now You're Mine
Harem Scarem - Stranger Than Love
Harmon - Lay It Down
Heart - What about love (Live 2014)
Heart Attack - Now Love (Alien cover)
Heart Attack - Playing With Fire
Heart Attack - Tell Me
Heartbreak Radio - I Will Love You
Heartbreak Radio - Let Me Have Your Heart Again
Heartbreak Radio - My Heart's Just Missing You
Heaven and Earth - No Money, No Love
House Of Shakira - Talk Of The Town
Houston - I'm Coming Home
Houston - Return My Heart
Humbucker - Hey You!
Humbucker - Strongman
Humbucker - Wine, Women An' Song
I AM I -You're The Voice
Impera - Beast Within
Impera - These Chains
Indicco - All About You
Indicco - The Voice Of The Wind
James Christian - Another Shot in the Dark
Jesse Damon - Black Widow
Jesse Damon - Garden of Eve
Jimmy Martin - Live Your Dream
Jimmy Martin - Love Is the Answer
Joe Elliott's Down ‘n’ Outz - Rock and Roll Queen
Joe Matera - No Way!
Joe Matera - Slide
John Waite - Missing You (2014 re-recorded)
John Waite - Missing You (Duet with Alison Krauss)
Johnny Lima - Into The Light
Johnny Lima - You're The Drug I Wanna Get High On
Jono - Best Thing
Jono - I Was The One
Junkyard 69 - Web Of Seduction

Kaisas - (I Just) Died In Your Arms
kaisas - Hysteria
Karson - Can you take me home
Killer Bee - A little too old
King Kobra - Have a Good Time
King's Call - Is This The Life
King's Call - Shy Love
Kjetil By - Dancers (Feat. Robin Beck)
Kjetil By - New York Rain (Feat. Robin Beck)
Krokus - Better Than Sex
Krokus - Dirty Dynamite
Krokus - Dog Song
Krokus - Go Baby Go
Krokus - Hardrocking Man
Krokus - Help
Krokus - Rattlesnake Rumble
Krokus - Yellow Mary
LaValle - Break Your Heart
LaValle - Scared to Love
Linda And The Punch - Because The Night
Lost Weekend - Reach for the Sky
Loud Lion - Lion's Den
Loud Lion - Sunset Slip
Lover Under Cover - Fantasy Man
Lover Under Cover - Life Is Easy
Loverboy - Doin' It the Hard Way
LRS - I Can Take You There
Mach 22 - Go Ahead
Mad Margritt - Ever Since You've Been Gone
Mad Margritt - Touch Too Much
Mad Max - Save Me
Mad Max - Streets Of Tokio
Magnum - Falling For The Big Plan
Malf - Your Kindness Will Not Be Forgotten
Martina Edoff - Back
Martina Edoff - On The Top
Me And The Rest - Frozen Heart
merican Dog & Fin - Twilight Zone
Michael Sweet - Heart of Gold
Midnight Sin - No Matter
Midnight Sin - Till It's All Gone Away
Miss Behaviour - Love Reflecto
Mistress - Don't Stop Now
Moonland - Open Your Heart (Feat. Lenna Kuurmaa)
Moonland - Over Me (Feat. Lenna Kuurmaa)
Moritz - Can't Hide My Heart
Moritz - Gonna Lose Her
MYSTERY - Land down under
N.O.W - Don't Go Now
N.O.W - Tonight Is The Night
Night By Night - Cant Walk Away
Night Ranger - Knock Knock Never Stop
Northern Light Orchestra - Ride On
Osukaru - Believe
Osukaru - Prisoner Of The Night
Outloud - Enola Gay
Outloud - I Was So Blind
Paris - America
Paris - Longer Than I Care to Remember
Paris - When the Lights Fade Away
Paul Rodgers - Born Under a Bad Sign
Philip Bardowell - Jesus in My Life
Philip Bardowell - Only You
Place Vendome - My Heart is Dying
Pretty Maids - Bullet For You
Rain Or Shine - It's a Crime
Reach - Black Lady
Rebel Gel - Facebooked World
Reckless Love - Bad Lovin
Reckless Love - Dying to Live
Reckless Love - Hot Rain
Reckless Love - Night On Fire
Reckless Love - Runaway Love
Reckless Love - Sex, Drugs & Reckless Love
Red Rose - Alone In The Night
Red Rose - Chasing Freedom
Reds'cool - Bad Bad Story
Reds'cool - Confession
Reds'cool - Hey You
ReinXeed - Dont Stop The Music
Reinxeed - Take A Chance On Me (ABBA Cover)
Reload - Come Back
Roadfever - Wings Of An Eagle
Roadfever - Wolf Pack
Robin Beck - Aint That Just Like Love
Robin Beck - I Swear The Nights
Robin Beck - Wrecking Ball
Rock Ignition - Innocent Thing
Rock Ignition - Innocent Thing
Rock Ignition - Tell Me
Ron Keel - Singers, Hookers & Thieves
Ronny Lee - Long After Midnight
Rough Cut - Guardian Angel
Sacred Hour - Die sometimes (Feat. Henning Ramseth)
Sacred Hour - Here comes the rain again (Feat. Henning Ramseth)
Sammy Hagar - Bad On Fords And Chevrolets
Sammy Hagar - Ramblin' Gamblin' Man
Santa Cruz - Aiming High
Satin - Fire The Shot
Satin - Life Will Never Slow Down
Scoti Slate - Twilight Zone
Screaming Eagles - All The Way
Screaming Eagles - Rock N Roll Soul
Secret - When you really love someone
Sena Ehrhardt - Things You Shouldn't Need To Know
Sergeant Steel - Cry Out Your Heart, Baby
Sergeant Steel - Man On A Mission
Sergeant Steel - Sweet 16
Sergeant Steel - Wannabe Outlaw
Seventh Key - The Only One
Seventh Key - Time and Time Again
Seventrain - How Does It Feel
Shakra - Because of You
Shakra - Save You from Yourself
Shakra - Wonderful Life
Shakra -Too Good to Be True
Sideburn - Bite The Bullet
Sideburn - Shady Katy
Sideburn - Slave To The Core
Sin City - Backseat Race
Sin City - Don't Expect Too Much
Sin City - Harder Than A Stone
Sin City - Lay Down The Law
Sin City - Tires On Fire
Sing Sing Sing - Waters Rising
Skyscraper - Across The Barricades
Snakecharmer - Accident Prone
Snakecharmer - Cover Me In You
Snakecharmer - Falling Leaves
Snakecharmer - To The Rescue
Snakecharmer - Turn Of The Screw
Snakeroot - Roses Whisper Your Name
Snakeroot - Thief in the Night
Snowfall - Citadel Of Pope
Snowfall - Don't Drive Me Home Tonight
Snowfall - Heaven's Not Up There
Snowfall - I Won't Be Lonely Anymore
Sonic Station - Amelia
Sonic Station - Where Are You Now
Sonic_Station - Brighter After Dark
Spider Rockets - Twilight Zone
Stan Bush - Heat of the Battle
Stan Bush - Something To Believe.
Stan Bush - Thunder in Your Heart
Steelrush - Love Is A Killer
SteelRush - The Winter's Night
Steve Hott - Here for you
Stone Glory - Go Down
Strangers - Take Me Away
Strangers - Take me away
Strong - Young Love
Stryper - Jesus Is Just Alright
Stryper - Water Into Wine
Summers - Shot in the dark
Summers - Steal Away
Summers - Told you so
Summers - Too late
Supermonkey - Falter
Supersuckers - Rock On
Tercer Milenio - En Tierra Firme
Tercer Milenio - Nadie Como Tu
Tercer Milenio - Por Siempre
Tercer Milenio - Tengo Fe
The Andrzej Citowicz Experience - TheOne
The Angels - Every Man
The Burning Crows - All The Way
The Hotcakes - Fire and Ice
The Jan Holberg Project - Battle For Your Heart
The Jan Holberg Project - Jealousy And Pride
The Jan Holberg Project - Outta My Face (Feat Tony Carey)
The Last Vegas - Lucky 13
The Radio Sun - Summer Girl
The Rockford Heroes - A split second goodbye
The Rockford Heroes - Forever
The Rockford Heroes - No reason to believe
The Sliding Tube - Work Baby
The Summit - The Higher Ground
The Wicked Mercy - Love Like A Gun
Thunderage - No More Than Me
Tom Keifer - It's Not Enough
Tom Keifer - Solid Ground
Tom Keifer - You Showed Me
Trevor Sewell - Calling Your Name
Trevor Sewell - DNA
Trevor Sewell - Fade To Grey
Trevor Sewell - Where The Wild Ones Go
Tuscq - Love me better (Feat Sophie-Run)
Tyla J Pallas - In Another Life
Tyla J. Pallas - YEAH! (I Love you baby)
Unbreakakle - Obsession
Unbreakakle - Rock The Nightlife
Unruly Child - Say I Love You
Uriah Heep - One Minute
Vandenberg's Moonkings - Breathing
Vanity Blvd - Desperate Heart
Vinicio - Love potion 9
W.E.T - Learn to Live Again
W.E.T - Love Heals
Weapon - Ready 4U
White Coast Rebels - Buried & Dead
White Widdow - Carry The Heartache
White Widdow - Too many tears
Wild Kitten - Going Crazy
Work Of Art - How Will I Know
X-Drive - Just Can't Stay
X-Drive - Lay Me Down
Young Lust - I Can’t Give You
ZZ Top - Chartreuse



Older Releases On BeRock's NonStop Music

101 South - All In The Game
101 South - Run Like A Tiger
101 South - Take Me Home
101 South - What Are You Gonna Do Anyway
101 South - You΄re So Cold
1927 - Tell Me A Story
1927 - That's When I Think Of You
1st Avenue - Can't Take My Heart Away
1st Avenue - Feel Love
1st Avenue - When The Night Is Gone
21 Guns - I Believe
21 Guns - Mountain
21 Guns - These Eyes
220 Volt - Still In Love
220 Volt - The Harder They Come
38 Special - One Of The Lonely Ones
6AM - Crack In The Wall
6AM - Mission
6AM - So Close, Too Far
6AM - Swimming In Fire
7th Heaven - She Should Have Been An Angel
91 Suite - Down To You
91 Suite - Far Away
91 Suite - Hard To Forget
91 Suite - Intro
91 Suite - Seal It With A Kiss
AC/DC - Decibel
AC/DC - Hells Bells
AC/DC - Shoot To Thrill
AC/DC - Two's Up
AC/DC - What Do You Do For Money Honey
Accelerator - Love Has Taken Its Toll
Adrenalin - Broken Hearted Bound
Adrian Dodz - Bad Love
Adrian Dodz - Long Nights
Adrian Dodz - Somebody Beat Me To The Punch
AdrianGale - No More Chances
AdrianGale - Part Of Me
Affair - Face To Face
Affair - Too Shy
After Hours - Another Lonely Night
Age Of Faith - The Way That You Trust Me
Agent - Headlines
Airborne - Life In The City
Airbourne - Runnin' Wild
Airkraft - Heaven
Airrace - Keep On Going
Akira Kajiyama & Joe Lynn Turner - Looking For Trouble
Aldo Nova - Medicine Man
Aldo Nova - Touch Of Madness
Aldo Nova - Young Love
Aldo Nova - You're My Love
Alfonzetti - Am I Fooling Myself
Alfonzetti - Better Than Goodbye
Alfonzetti - Blue Hero
Alias - After All The Love Is Gone
Alias - Waiting For Love
Alias-- How Much Longer Is Forever
Alibi - Fire In The Sky
Alien - Angel Eyes
Alien - Brave New Love
Alien - Eagle
Alien - Fallen Eagle
Alien - Feel My Love
Alien - Hold On Move On
Alien - Number One
Alien - Strong Like A Warrior
Alien - Tears Don't Put Out the Fire
Alliance - How Does It Feel
Alliance - Love On The Line
Alliance - Turn Around
Altaria - Never Wonder Why
Altaria - The Lake
Alyson Avenue - Don't Know If Love Is Alive
Alyson Avenue - Will I Make Love
Amaze Me - Heart Made Of Stone
Amaze Me - Red Lips
Amaze Me - Shadows From The Past
Amaze Me - Thousand Miles Away
Amaze Me - Tough Ain't Enough
Amaze Me - Without Your Love
Ambrosia - Cryin' In The Rain
Amit Riff - Down Blues
Amit Riff - Glory Of The Dead
Amit Riff - Intro
Amit Riff - Raawife
Amit Riff - Self-A-Steam
Anastasio Farini - Lil' Angel
Anastasio Farini - Wild Boyz (Duran Duran Cover, Feat. George Gakis)
Andiron - Roll On Your Way
Andreas Novak - Days Of Our Lives
Andreas Novak - Highway To Anywhere
Andreas Novak - I Must Be Mad
Andreas Novak - Keep This Flame
Andreas Novak - Part Of Your Plan
Andy Taylor - Bringin' Me Down
Andy Taylor - Broken Window
Andy Taylor - Night Train
Angeline - Someday Somehow
Annica - Devine
Annica - To Another Shore
Any Day Now - Any Day Now
Any Day Now - Covering Ground
Any Day Now - Shine
Any Day Now - Where You Ever There
AOR - Desperate Dreams
AOR - Love Remains The Same
AOR - Never Surrender
April Wine - I Just Wanna Make Love To You
April Wine - I'm A Man
Arabia - Runaway Renee
Arabia - So Tired
Arcade - Cry No More
Arcade - Messed Up World
Arcade - So Good... So Bad...
Arthur Falcone's Stargazer - The Second Eclipse
Arti Tisi - Can't Face Another Night
Arti Tisi - Guilty Heart
Arti Tisi - Love Finds You Guilty
Asia - I Believe
Asia - Through My Veins
Asphalt Valentine - Love & Gone
Atlantic - Can't Hold On
Atlantic - Dangerous Games
Atlantic - Hard To Believe
Atlantic - It's Only Love
Atlantic - Nothing To Lose
Atlantic - Power Over Me
Atomic Shelter - Belive Me II
Atsushi Yokozeki Project - More Than Enough
Attraction - More Than You Know
Auras - Forgive And Forget
Autograph - Like It Hot
Autograph - Shake The Tree
Autograph - That
Autograph - When The Sun Goes Down
Aviator - Can't Stop
Aviator - Front Line
Aviator - Holding On
Aviator - Magic
Aviator - Never Let The Rock Stop
Axe - All Through The Night
Axe - Jennifer
Axe - Rock 'N' Roll Party In The Streets
Axe - She's Had The Power
Axel Rudi Pell - Broken Heart
Axel Rudi Pell - Carousel
Axel Rudi Pell - Glory Night
Axel Rudi Pell - In The Air Tonight
Axel Rudi Pell - Land Of The Giants
Axel Rudi Pell - Oceans Of Time
Axel Rudi Pell - The Masquerade Ball
Axxis - Little Look Back
Axxis - Touch The Rainbow
Baby Tuckoo - Promises
Bad 4 Good - Nothin' Great About A Heartache
Bad Company - Brokenhearted
Bad Company - Burnin' Sky
Bad Company - Lay Your Love On Me
Bad Company - Little Angel
Bad Company - Long Walk
Bad Company - Ready For Love (Live)
Bad Memories - Memories
Bad Memories - Never Too Hard
Bad Memories - Shadow In This Life
Bad Memories - Shooting Star
Bad Memories - Signs Of Time
Bad Moon Rising - Chains
Bad Moon Rising - Old Flames
Bad Mouth - I'll Wait For You
Bad Sign - Crying In The Rain (Whitesnake Cover)
Bad Sign - Forget This Night
Bad Sign - Till You Stay With Me
Bad Sign - Whispered In The Wind
Bai Bang - Die For You
Bai Bang - Gonna Have It All
Bai Bang - I Love The Things You Hate
Bai Bang - Rock It
Bai Bang - Rock On
Bai Bang - Tonight
Balance - Undercover Man
Baltimoore - Blue Moon
Baltimoore - Memories Calling
Baltimoore - My Number 1
Bang & Out - Riding On A Desert Wind
Bangalore Choir - Always Be My Angel
Bangalore Choir - Big Deep
Bangalore Choir - Don’t Act Surprised
Bangalore Choir - Heart Attack & Vine
Bangalore Choir - Loaded Gun
Bangalore Choir - Metaphor
Bangalore Choir - Never Face Ole Joe Alone
Bangalore Choir - Spirits Too They Bleed
Bangalore Choir - Survival Of The Fittest
Bangalore Choir - Trojan Horse
Barefoot Servants - Love's Made A Fool
Baton Rouge - The Price Of Love
BB Steal - Ride On
BE Taylor Group - Karen
Beau Coup - Somewhere Out In The night
Beau Geste - Another Night In The City
Beau Geste - Catch The Fire
Beau Geste - No More Heroes
Beau Geste - Take These Chains
Beckett - Still Of The Night
Bedroom Love - Scared Without You
Beggars & Thieves - Isn't It Easy
Beggars & Thieves - No More Broken...
Bellicose - Love On Ice
Benjamin Orr - Stay The Night
Benny Mardones - American Dreams
Benny Mardones - For A Little Ride
Bert Heerink - Love Is Like Heaven
Bert Heerink - Restless Heart
Bert Heerink - Whose Side Are You On
Beverly Killz - Away From Danger
Beverly Killz - Baby You're On Target
Beverly Killz - Never Back Down
Beverly Killz - Riding Alone
Big Bad Wolf - Crystal
Big Bad Wolf - Midnight Angel
Big Bad Wolf - Whereyawannago
Big Cock - Breaking My Balls
Big Cock - Feverish
Billy Satellite - Bye Bye Baby
Billy Satellite - Rockin' Down The Highway
Billy Satellite - Satisfy Me
Billy Satellite - Trouble
Bite The Bullet - Change Of Heart
Bitter Suite - Prayin' For The Rain
Bjorn Stigsson - I'm Free
Bjorn Stigsson - It's Alright
Blanc Faces - Deep In The Heart
Blanc Faces - Falling From The Moon
Blanc Faces - Goodbye Summer Goodbye
Blanc Faces - I Come Alive
Blessed By A Broken Heart - Forever
Blessed By A Broken Heart - Holdin' Back For Nothin'
Blessed By A Broken Heart - I've Got You
Blessed By A Broken Heart - Rockin' All Night
Blind Alley - One Life
Blind Alley - We Still Belong
Blind Date - Dreaming
Blind Halley - Voices
Blonde On Blonde - Am I Right
Blonde On Blonde - Give Love A Break
Blonz - Hands Of Love
Blue - Fly
Blue - Searchin'
Blue Rose - Don't You Know (Ambushed)
Blue Tears - Long Way Home
Blue Tears - Love Machine
Blue Tears - Rock You To Heaven
Bombay - She Can't Behave
Bombay Cafe - Leave You Cold
Bon Jovi - Price Of Love
Bon Jovi - Runaway
Bon Jovi - We Got It Going On (With Big & Rich)
Bon Jovi - We Weren't Born To Follow
Bon Jovi - Wild Is The Wind
Bonafide - Dirt Bound
Bonafide - Elvis Chapel Blues
Bonafide - Hard Livin' Man
Bonfire - Cry 4 Help (Long Version)
Bonfire - Cry 4 Help (Radio Version)
Bonfire - Give It A Try
Bonfire - Good Time Rock 'N' Roll
Bonfire - I'd Love You To Want Me
Bonfire - Sweet Home Alabama
Bonfire - Sweet Obsession
Bonfire - Tony's Roulette
Bonfire - Why Is It Never Enough
Bonfire - You Make Me Feel
Bonham - Change Of A Season
Bonrud - Bullet In The Back
Bonrud - Give Me A Chance
Boulevard - Dream On
Boulevard - Eye Of The Hurricane
Boxer - Om Det Var Jag
Boystown - House Of Glass
Boystown - Something In The Way You Touch
Boysvoice - Crazy
Boysvoice - Open Your Eyes
Brad Darrid - Coral Stones
Brad Darrid - If Love's Not Enough
Brazen Abbot - Dreams
Brent Enman - I Lost My American Dream
Brent Enman - Never Too Old To Rock N Roll
Brian Howe - Where'd She Come From
Bride - I Miss The Rain
Brighton Rock - Rebels With A Cause
Brother Firetribe - Chasing The Angels
Brother Firetribe - Heart Full Of Fire
Brother Firetribe - I Am Rock
Brother Firetribe - Out Of My Head
Brother Firetribe - Play It From The Heart
Brother Firetribe - Runaways
Brother Firetribe - Wildest Dreams
Brunorock - Born Winner
Brunorock - Breakthrough
Brunorock - In Search Of Faith
Brunorock - Julia
Brunorock - Last Ride
Brunorock - Liar
Brunorock - Pray For The Rain
Brunorock - Touch To Much
Bryan Adams - Low Life
Bullet - Midnight Riders (Riding Free)
Burn - Ain't Good For Me
Cacumen - Games Of Loneliness
Cacumen - I Still Need You
Carl Dixon - Run Reckless
Carl Sentance - Old School
Carl Sentance - Rain
Carl Sentance - Revolution
Casablanca - A Lifetime on the Run
Casablanca - Apocalyptic Youth
Casablanca - Deliberately Wasted
Casablanca - Love and Desperation
Casablanca - The Juggler
Casanova - Back To The Wall
Casanova - Love Lies
Champion - Bird Of Paradise
Champion - Never Give Up
Champion - Runnin' From My Love
Change Of Heart - Don't Walk Away
Change Of Heart - Urgent
Charade - Whisper In The Wind
Charity - In My Dreams
Chase - In Your Arms
Chase - Love Is The Reason
Chasing Violets - A Hole In Paradise
Chasing Violets - I Can’t Love No More
Chasing Violets - No Margin For Error
Chasing Violets - You’re My Obsession
Cher - Just Like Jessie James
Cheri - She Looked The Other Way
Cherry St - Sure Was Fine
Chicago - I Don't Wanna Live Without Your Love
China - Gates Of Heaven
China - Girl On My Screen
China - I Need Your Love
China - In The Middle Of The Night
China - Lonely Rider
China - She Did A Real Good Job
China - The Fight Is On
Cholane - Better Believe In Me
Chris Laney - B4 It Is 2 Late
Chris Laney - One Kiss Tonight
Chris Laney - Playing With Fire
Chris Ousey (Heartland) - Cold As Ice
Chrissy Steele - Magnet To Steel
Chrissy Steele - Two Bodies
Cinema - So Lost In Love
Cleopatra - How Many Times
Cliff Magness - It's Only Love
Climb - Girl Like You
Clouseau - Take Me Down
Coastline - Can't Live Here Without You
Coastline - Innocent Child
Coastline - One Step
Cobra - Danger Zone
Cobra - I've Been A Fool Before
Cobra - Looking At You
Cobra - What Love Is
Coldspell - Heroes
Coldspell - Night Falls
Coldspell - Seven Wonders
Coldspell - Straight Things Out
Coldspell - Time
Company Of Wolves - Call Of The Wild
Company Of Wolves - The Distance
Connie Scott - Run To The Light
Cornerstone - Walked On The Water
Covered Call - I Wanna Be Free
Covered Call - Money Never Sleeps
Covered Call - Til' The End
Craaft - Jane
Craaft - Run Away
Crash Street Kids - Sad Julia
Crazy Lixx - Blame It On Love
Crazy Lixx - Fire It Up
Crazy Lixx - Only the Dead Know
Crazy Lixx - Sweet, Bad & Beautiful
Crazy Lixx - Young Blood
Crimes Of Passion - A Thousand Strong
Crimes Of Passion - God Made Me Your Angel
Crown Of Thorns - Don't Let Me Down (The Beatles Cover)
Crown Of Thorns - Down To The River
Crown Of Thorns - Dying For Love
Cry - I'm Real
Cry Wolf - Face Down In The Wishing Well
Cry Wolf - Long Hard Road
Crystal - Piece Of My Heart
Crystal Blue - A Little Bit Of Paradise
Crystal Blue - Caught In The Game
Crystal Blue - Prisoner Of Love
Crystal Blue - You And I
Crystal Rain - Bad Reputation
Crystal Rain - Daylight Breaks
Cyanide4 - Anything For Fun
Cyanide4 - Bad Love Parade
Cyanide4 - Innocent Alibi
Dakota - Don't Count Me Out
Dakota - Little Heartbreaker
Dakota - Little Victories
Dakota - One Step (Live)
Dallas - Bring The Light
Dallas - I Close My Eyes
Dallas - Open Your Heart
Dallas - This Love
Dalton - Breakin' Away
Damn Cheetan - Forever
Damn Yankees - High Enough
Damn Yankees - Mystified
Damn Yankees - Someone To Believe
Damn Yankees - Where You Goin' Now
Dan Lucas - Hide In The Night
Dan Lucas - Hold On Me
Dan Lucas - Hot Stuff
Dan Lucas - Someone's Girl
Danger Danger - Comin' Home
Danger Danger - Don't Walk Away
Danger Danger - Everybody Wants Some
Danger Danger - Goin' Goin' Gone
Danger Danger - Naughty Naughty
Danger Danger - Under The Gun
Dante Fox - Remember
Dante Fox - Under The City Lights
Darby Mills - (Don't Stop) Keepin' On
Darby Mills - Bad Bad Boy
Darby Mills - Cry To Me
Darby Mills - Never Look Back
Darby Mills - Run
Darby Mills - Want It
Dare - Belief
Dare - Beneath The Shining Water
Dare - Calm Before The Storm
Dare - Chains
Dare - Cry Wolf
Dare - Dreams On Fire
Dare - Follow The River
Dare - King Of Spades
Dare - Kiss The Rain
Dare - Phoenix
Dare - Real Love
Dare - Rescue Me
Dare - Rising Sun
Dare - Sea Of Roses
Dare - Silence Of Your Head
Dare - Silent Thunder
Dare - Still in Love With You
Dare - Storm Wind
Dare - Take Me Away
Dare - The Flame
Dare - Under The Sun
Dare - Walk On The Water
Dare - We Don't Need A Reason
Dare - When
Dare - Wings Of Fire
Dark Sky - Cute Little Lies
Darrell Mansfield - Misery
Dave Meniketti - Angel On My Shoulder
Dave Meniketti - Bad Feeling
Dave Meniketti - Loan Me A Dime
Dave Meniketti - Man's World
David Allen - Standing There
David Cook - Life On The Moon
David Coverdale - Say You Love Me
David Hallyday - Can't Deny
David Hallyday - Ooh La La
David J Caron - Comin' To Get You
David J Caron - Frozen Ice
David J Caron - It Gathers
David J Caron - Look Out
David J Caron - Time Machine
David Readman - Don't Let It Slip Away
David Readman - Without You
Daylight Robbery - Crossing The Great Divide
Daylight Robbery - Shame On You
Daylight Robbery - While You Were Sleeping
Daz Of Oz - Nobody
Daz Of Oz - Shine
De La Cruz - Back To The 80's
De La Cruz - Fire Inside
De Mont - I Want Your Body
De Mont - Miss Independence
De Mont - Wildfire
Debbie Ray - Down With The Flow
Deep Purple - The Cut Runs Deep
Def Leppard - Another Hit And Run
DeGarmo & Key - Soldier Of Fortune
Delany - Here Comes Lonely
Demon - Night Of The Demon
Demon Drive - Blame It On The Night
Demon Drive - Mama, Mama
Demure - Miles Away
Departure - Fair Warning
Departure - Listen To What I Say
Devay - Heart Like A Gun
Devay - Let It Roll
Devay - Whatever It Takes
Diamond - Mirror, Mirror
Diary - Can't Let You Go
Diary - Tears Of A Child
Diesel Dahl - Horoscope
Diesel Dahl - I Was Made For Rock'N Roll
Dirty Looks - It's Not The Way You Rock
Dirty Rhythm - Backside Of Love
Dirty White Boy - Dead Cat Alley
Dirty White Boy - Hammer On The Heart
Distant Cry - Cold Shock
Distant Cry - Last Goodbye
Diving For Pearls - I Close My Eyes
Diving For Pearls - New Moon
Dokken - Dream Warriors
Dokken - I Remember
Dokken - In My Dreams
Dokken - So Many Tears
Dokken - Standing On The Outside
Dokken - The Hunter
Dokken - This Fire
Dokken - Will The Sun Rise
Domain - Beg, Steal Or Borrow
Domain - Hard Road To Midnight
Domain - Lost Without Trace
Dominoe - Angel Don't Cry
Dominoe - Here I Am
Dominoe - Lonely Nights
Don Patrol - All Night Long
Don Patrol - Call Me
Don Patrol - Highway Of Love
Don Patrol - In A Minute Of Love
Don Patrol - Rollin'
Don Patrol - The Sun Goes Down
Douglas - Never Look Back
Douglas - Sandy
Dr. Shivago - On My Way
Dreamhunter - Anyway You Want It
Dreamhunter - Young Wild & Free
Drive She Said - Inside You
Driver - Always On My Mind
Driver - Feel The Fire
Driver - Rising Son
Driver - Thief In The Night
Dynazty - Back Again
Dynazty - Come Alive
Dynazty - Falling
Dynazty - Get It On
Dynazty - Land Of Broken Dreams
Dynazty - Lights Out In Candyland
Dynazty - Love Junkie
Dynazty - The One To Blame
Dynazty - Too Much Is Not Enough
Eclipse - To Mend A Broken Heart
Eclipse - Wylde One
Eden Lost - Hard To Believe
Eden Lost - Ready To Rock
Eden Lost - Times Are Changing
Eden's Curse - Sail On
Edge Of Forever - Eye Of The Storm
ELI - Do You In
ELI - Long Tall Baby Doll
Empire Saint - Broken Dreams
Empire Saint - Shout It Out
Envy - Ain't It A Sin
Envy - I See The Light (Let Me Rock & Roll)
Erika - Made Of Stone
Erika - Wake Me Up When The House Is On Fire
Eruption - Naive
Estrella - Chance Of A Lifetime
Estrella - Don't Forget Me
Estrella - I'd Give It All
Estrella - Mona Lisa Smile
Estrella - Rocker Lily
Estrella - Shout - I Wanna Hear You
Euphoria - I Won't Be Alone
Euphoria - Now That It's Over
Euphoria - Take A Chance
Euphoria - What Our Love Can Be
Europe - Bag Of Bones
Europe - Bring It All Home
Europe - Homeland
Europe - In My Time
Europe - More Than Meets The Eye
Europe - My Woman, My Friend
Europe - Open Your Heart
Evenrude - Never Say Die
Exizt - Birds Of Prey
Exizt - Stars Edge
Eye - These Tears
Eyes - It's All Over
Eyes - Way Back Home
Fahrenheit - Danger
Fahrenheit - Talking 'Bout Love
Fahrenheit - Turn Me Loose
Fair Warning - Get A Little Closer
Fair Warning - Here Comes The Heartache
Fair Warning - Long Gone
Fair Warning - No Limit
Fair Warning - One Step Closer
Fair Warning - Pictures Of Love
Fair Warning - The Cry
Fair Warning - The Heart Of Summer
Fair Warning - Too Late For Love
Fair Warning - Wasted Time
Faithfull - You Walked Away
Falcon - Mystery
Falcon - Takin' It Over
FarCry - Love Won't Wait
FarCry - Talk To Me
Farrcry - Loving You
Farrenheit - Animal Dance
Fastway - Hung Up On Love
Fastway - Hurtin Me
Fastway - The World Waits For You
Fate - Beneath Da Coconuts
Fate - Lovers
FEAST - Dangerous Love
Femme Fatale - Touch And Go
Fergie Frederiksen - Angel
Fergie Frederiksen - I Still Believe
Fergie Frederiksen - Lyin’ Eyes
Fergie Frederiksen - The One
Fergie Frederiksen - Writing On The Wall
Fergie Frederiksen - Writing On The Wall
Ferreira - Searching
Ferreira - You Better Wake
Fierce Heart - Heroes
Final Frontier - Foolish Pride
Final Frontier - Lydia
Final Frontier - Nothing Is Easy
Final Frontier - Sunset At Dawn
Fingerprints - Time Is All We Need
Fiona - Don't Come Cryin'
Fiona - Hang Your Heart On Me
Fiore - Out Of Love
Fire - Back Home
Fire - Come With Me
Fire - No More Pain
Fire - Thrill Me
Firehouse - All She Wrote
Firehouse - Don't Treat Me Bad
Firehouse - Don't Walk Away
Firehouse - Helpless
Firehouse - Hold Your Fire
Firehouse - Life In The Real World
Firehouse - Mama Didn't Raise No Fool
Firehouse - Overnight Sensation
Firehouse - Reach For The Sky
Firehouse - The Meaning Of Love
Firehouse - When I Look Into Your Eyes
Firehouse - You're Too Bad
Firenote - Suddenly
First Signal - When You Believe
Fisc - Got To Beat The Clock
Fisc - Handle With Care
Flame - Rain
FM - Ain't Too Proud
FM - Bad Luck
FM - Closer To Heaven
FM - Dangerous Ground
FM - Don't Stop
FM - Flamingo Road
FM - Over You
FM - Run No More
FM - The Dream That Died
FM - The Thrill Of It All
FM - Three Seconds
FM - Tough It Out
FM - Who'll Stop The Rain
Foreigner - In Pieces
Foreigner - Lowdown And Dirty
Foreigner - Rain
Foreigner - Waiting For A Girl Like You
Foreigner - When It Comes To Love
Forth Yeer - Last Man Standing
Fortune - Bad Blood
Fortune - Stacy
Fox - Anytime
Fox - Beds Are Burning
Fox - Home Again
Fox - Nothing Without You
Fox - Raise Your Hands
Fox - We Are All
Foxx - Big Jake (Bonus Track)
Foxx - Lost Without You
Foxx - The Heart Is Won
Frank Vestry - Break It
Frank Vestry - Catch Me Now I'm Falling
Frank Vestry - Sorry
Frederiksen-Denander - My Saving Grace
Frederiksen-Denander - Never Try To Love Again
Frederiksen-Denander - Right Heart, Wrong Time
Frederiksen-Denander - Silver Lining
Free Spirit - Easy Days
Free Spirit - Far Away From Heaven
Free Spirit - Heroes Don't Cry
Free Spirit - Pale Sister Of Light
Free Spirit - Preacher Man
Free Spirit - Shadown Of A Man
Free Spirit - Strangers
Freedom Call - Back Into The Land Of Light
Freedom Call - Hero On Video
Freedom Call - Power & Glory
Freedom Call - Sun In The Dark
Freight Train Jane - Welcome To My Love
From The Fire - Hold On
From The Fire - Lovestruck
From The Fire - Same Song
From The Fire - Spark And Flame
From The Fire - Take My Heart
From The Inside - Listen To Your Heart
From The Inside - Making Waves
Frontline - Another Love
Frontline - Moving Closer
Frozen Ghost - Swing To The Rhythm
Frozen Rain - Believe It Or Not
Furioso - Don't You Wanna Rock
Furioso - Just Keep Holding On
Furioso - Magic Tokyo Girl
Furioso - Tokyo Girl
Gambler - Back On The Road
Gambler - Lady Of Darkness
Gambler - Pick Up On My Mojo
Garbo Talks - Fire Me Up
Garbo Talks - Only Love
Garbo Talks - Standing In The Same Room
Garbo Talks - This Could Be The Night
Garrison - Let's Get It On
Gary Moon - Angels Don't Lie
Gary Moore - Out In The Fields
Gatling Gun - Here I Wait
Gatling Gun - Turn Back The Time
George Gakis - License For Love
George Gakis - Rebelious Son
George Gakis - Street Of Broken Dreams
George Thorogood - I Drink Alone
Gianny - Moonlight
Giant - I'll See You In My Dreams
Giant - I'll Wait For You
Giant - It Takes Two
Giant - Promise Land
Giant - Stay
Giant - The Sky Is The Limit
Giant - Thunder And Lighting
Glasgow - Secrets In The Dark
Glass Tiger - Animal Heart
Glass Tiger - I'm Still Searching
Glazzhouse - We Will Stay
Glenn Hughes & Joe Lynn Turner - Mystery Of The Heart
Glenn Hughes & Joe Lynn Turner - Time And Time Again
Glitzy Glow - Black And Sunny Day
Glitzy Glow - Welcome To This Glow
Golden Earring - Twilight Zone
Gotthard - Anytime Anywhere
Gotthard - Back To You
Gotthard - Cheat & Hide
Gotthard - Dirty Devil Rock
Gotthard - Eagle
Gotthard - Fight
Gotthard - Fist In Your Face
Gotthard - Get Down
Gotthard - Heal Me
Gotthard - Heaven
Gotthard - Hurry
Gotthard - Hush (Live)
Gotthard - I Can
Gotthard - I Don't Mind
Gotthard - I Know, You Know
Gotthard - I Wonder
Gotthard - Let It Be
Gotthard - Let It Rain
Gotthard - Make My Day
Gotthard - Mountain Mama
Gotthard - Movin' On
Gotthard - Out On My Own
Gotthard - Remember It’s Me
Gotthard - Ride On
Gotthard - She Goes Down
Gotthard - Shine
Gotthard - Sister Moon
Gotthard - Starlight
Gotthard - Take It All Back
Gotthard - Tears To Cry
Gotthard - Tell Me
Gotthard - The Other Side Of Me
Gotthard - Time (Bonus Track)
Gotthard - Top Of The World
Gotthard - Where Are You
Gotthard - Yippie Aye Yay
Gotthard - You
Graham Greene - Amazing Tales.mp3
Graham Greene - Fire In Your Liberty
Graham Greene - Impressive Hair
Graham Greene - Raven's Eye
Graham Greene - Ravens Eye Pt1
Graham Greene - Sahara Moon
Grand Design - Air It Out
Grand Design - Get On With The Action
Grand Design - Hello Mr Heartache
Grand Design - Idolize Me
Grand Design - Let's Go Down Fighting
Grand Design - Love Sensation
Grand Design - Love Will Know
Grand Design - No Time For Love
Grand Design - Piece Of The Action
Grand Design - Rock Back To The 80's
Grand Design - Sad Sound Of Goodbye
Grand Design - Sheik Iddup
Grand Design - Slugged Out
Grand Design - Your Love's A Runaway
Grand Illusion - Playing With Fire
Great White - (I've Got) Something For You
Great White - All Over Now
Great White - Big Goodbye
Great White - Complicated
Great White - Desert Moon
Great White - Hand On The Trigger
Great White - Heart Of A Man
Great White - Just For Tonight
Great White - Love Train
Great White - Old Rose Motel
Great White - Rollin' Stoned
Great White - Save Your Love
Great White - Shotgun Willie's
Great White - Situation
Great White - Step On You
GTS - Hands Of Time
GTS - Marrianne
Guardian - Do You Know What Love Is
Guardian - Power Of Love
Guardian - Sabes Que Es Amor
Guardian - The Rain
Guardian - Time Stands Still
Guild Of Ages - Angels
Guild Of Ages - I Belive
Guild Of Ages - Live To Fight
Gun - Borrowed Time
Gun - Long Road
Gypsy Rose - Poisoned By Love
H.E.A.T. - 1000 Miles
H.E.A.T. - Beg Beg Beg
H.E.A.T. - Breaking The Silence
H.E.A.T. - Bring The Stars
H.E.A.T. - Cry
H.E.A.T. - Danger Road
H.E.A.T. - Feel It Again
H.E.A.T. - Fill Your Head With Rock
H.E.A.T. - Follow Me
H.E.A.T. - I Know What It Takes
H.E.A.T. - In And Out Of Trouble
H.E.A.T. - It’s All About Tonight
H.E.A.T. - Keep On Dreaming
H.E.A.T. - Late Night Lady
H.E.A.T. - Living On The Run
H.E.A.T. - Need Her
H.E.A.T. - Never Let Go
H.E.A.T. - Straight For Your Heart
H.E.A.T. - The One And Only
H.E.A.T. - There For You
H.E.A.T. - Tonight
H.E.A.T. - We're Gonna Make It To The End
H.E.A.T. - Who Will Stop The Rain
Halestorm - I Get Off
Halo - Heaven Calling
Halo - Lose To Live
Halo - Man From Galilee
Hanoi Rocks - Tragedy
Hard - Four-Leaf Clover
Hard - Love Goes With Anything
Hard - The Pace And The Flow
Hard Rain - Different Kind Of Love
Hardline - Can't Find My Way
Hardline - Hot Cherie
Hardline - In The Hands Of Time
Hardline - Love Leads The Way (Bonus Track)
Hardline - Only A Night
Hardline - Takin' Me Down
Hardreams - Apologies
Hardreams - Bad Times Are Gone
Hardreams - I'll Say Bye Tonight
Hardreams - Little Sinner Queen
Hardreams - My Last Desire
Hardreams - Rebel Heart
Hardreams - Someday Somewhere
Hardreams - The Crime Of Loving You
Hardreams - The Road Goes On
Hardreams - Two Shots
Hardreams - We Are One
Hardreams - Wings Of Fire
Harem Scarem - Honestly
Harem Scarem - How Long
Harem Scarem - Love Reaction
Harem Scarem - Stranger Than Love
Harem Scarem - With A Little Love
Harlan Cage - No Sunday Bride
Harlan Cage - Turn Up The Radio
Harlow - Don't Say We're Over
Hartmann - After The Love Is Gone
Hartmann - Dance On The Wire
Hartmann - From A Star
Hartmann - Like A River
Hartmann - The Best Is Yet To Come
Hartmann - Time To Face The Truth
Hartmann - You Are The One
Harv - Calling Your Name
Haywire - Fire
Haywire - Thinkin' About The Years
Heart - All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You
Heart - Alone
Heart - I Want Your World To Turn
Heart - Under The Sky
Heart - Who Will You Run To
Heart - Wild Child
Heartland - Carrie Ann
Heartland - Eyes Open Wide
Heartland - Fight Fire With Fire
Heartland - Hell Or High Water
Heartland - I'm Getting Ready
Heartland - Live To Fight Another Day
Heartland - Man In The Iron Mask
Heartland - Teach You To Dream
Heartland - That Thing
Heartland - Too Good To Be True
Heartlyne - Starlight
Heaven & Earth - Dogs Of War
Heaven & Earth - Prisoner
Heaven's Edge - Jacky
Heaven's Edge - Play Dirty
Heaven's Edge - Rock Steady
Heaven's Wish - Bring Back Yesterday
Heir - Sound Of Silence
Helix - Breakdown
Helix - Dream On
Helix - Go Hard Or Go Home
Helix - Heavy Metal Cowboys
Help For Japan - Help! (Guitar Version)
Help For Japan - Help! (Tommy Heart Version)
Henry Lee Summer - My Turn Train
Hero - Everytime
Highest Dream - Restless Dreamer
HighWay - Lonely Man
Hiroshima - Missing You
Holograf - Istanbul
Holograf - When You're Gone
Honeymoon Suite - Love Changes Everything
Honeymoon Suite - Separate Lives
Hope - All Of My Days
Hope - Come Alive
Hope - Why Dont We Talk About It
Hotwire - Alone
Hotwire - Waitin' For A Sign
House Of Lords - A Simple Plan
House Of Lords - Bangin'
House Of Lords - Come To My Kingdom
House Of Lords - Joanna
House Of Lords - Johnny's Got A Mind Of His Own
House Of Lords - Sweet September
House Of Lords - The Train (Bonus Track)
House Of Lords - What's Forever For
House of Shakira - Nearly Orgasmic
Houston - 1000 Songs
Houston - Pride
Houston - Truth Slips
Hugo - Blues for You
Hugo - Blues for You
Hugo - Desire
Hugo - Walk Away
Hugo - Walk Away
Hugo - Walk Away
Human Temple - Almost There
Human Temple - Ghost Of You
Human Temple - I Will Follow
Human Temple - Just One Night
Human Temple - Like A Beat Of A Heart
Human Temple - Little Lies
Human Temple - Our World Our Time
Human Temple - Secret
Human Temple - She Talks To Angels
Human Temple - Some Things Are Never Long Time Ago
Human Temple - What About My Broken Heart
Humanimal - Way 2 Deep
Humbucker - Black Nickel
Humbucker - Dancin' Daisy
Humbucker - Doing My Job (In A Rock And Roll Band)
Humbucker - Paradise
Humbucker - Priscilla
Humbucker - The Girl Of Mine
Humbucker - There Will Never Be Another
HungryHeart - Man In The Mirror
Hungryheart - One Ticket To Paradise
Hush - Believe
Hush - Forever
Hush - Heaven Ain't
Hush - Piece Of The Action
Hush - Talk To Me
Hybrid Ice - Secret Dreams
Icon - Two For The Road
Idle Cure - Don't Turn Away
Idle Cure - If You Mean It
If Only - Goast Of You
If Only - Hearts On The Line
If Only - If Love Could Last Forever
If Only - Voices Of The Heart
Ignition - Goodbye To The Good Times
Impulsia - DREAMS (BeRock Version, Guitar play by TOMMY DENANDER)
Impulsia - Fly Away
Impulsia - Fly Away (Guest Vocals Robin Beck)
Impulsia - Layla
Impulsia - Oceans Of Love (Guest Vocals Pandora)
Impulsia - Seas To Cross
In And Out - Counting On You
In And Out - Leave My Mark On You
In Denial - Till The End Of Time
Innocent - Hands Of Time (Angie)
Innocent - Pray For the Rain
Inspector - Passion (Instrumental)
Intense - Take A Chance
Intense - The Rain
Intruder - Make It Last Forever
Intruder - One Night Of Love
Intruder - Runaway 2000
Issa - Angels Crying
Issa - I'm Alive
Issa - River Of Love
J.R. Blackmore Group - Still Holding On
Jac Dalton - Armed And Dangerous
Jac Dalton - Back In Black
Jac Dalton - Eye Of The Storm
Jac Dalton - For Your Love
Jac Dalton - Good To Go
Jac Dalton - Icarus
Jac Dalton - Locked, Cocked & Ready To Rock
Jac Dalton - State Of Rock
Jac Dalton - Suck, Bang, Blow
Jac Dalton - Waterline
Jackie Bodimead - I Just Wanna Be Free
Jaded Heart - Feels Like Home
Jaded Heart - Where Did Our Love Go
Jaime Kyle - Is There Still Time
Jaime Kyle - Where Was I
James Christian - After The Love Has Gone
James Christian - Know You In The Dark
Jamilya - I Will Remember You
Jason Cassidy - What If
Javan - Somewhere In The Night
Jeff Cosco-Don Mancuso - Call Of The Eagle
Jeff Paris Freedom Road
Jeff Scott Soto - Bonafide
Jeff Scott Soto - Damage Control
Jeff Scott Soto - Give A Little More
Jeff Scott Soto - If I Never Let Her Go
Jeff Scott Soto - Look Inside Your Heart
Jeff Scott Soto - Tears That I Cry
Jerry Haglund - Too Early Too Late
Jerusalem - Those Were The Days
Jesse Strange - Living Without Your Love
Jesse Strange - Love On The Telephone
Jesse Strange - Raise A Little Hell
Jesse Strange - The Last Goodbye
Jesse's Powertrip - Come To Me
Jester - Anything And Everything
Jettblack - In Between Lovers
Jettblack - Never Gonna Give It Up
Jettblack - Raining Rock

Jim Peterik - Burning With A Reason
Jimi Jamison - Make Me A Believer
Jimi Jamison - Taste Of Love
Jimmy Barnes - Seven Days
Jimmy Davis & Junction - Over The Top
Jimmy Ryser - Prophesize
Joe Lynn Turner - Endlessly
Joe Lynn Turner - Fantasize
Joe Lynn Turner - Fool For Your Loving (Whitesnake Cover)
Joe Lynn Turner - Movin' On (Bad Company Cover)
Joe Lynn Turner - No Salvation
Joe Lynn Turner - On The Run
Joe Lynn Turner - Your Love Is Life
Joe Satriani - Ride
Joey Summer - It's Only Your Love
Joey Summer - Lorea
Joey Summer - Rise Up (Joey Summer/Daniel Lamas)
Joey Summer - Written On The Horizon
Joey Tempest - Right To Respect
John Bongiovi - Talkin' In Your Sleep
John Kilzer - Heart And Soul
John Kilzer - Red Blue Jeans
John Lawton Band - Lately
John Norum - Back On The Streets
John Norum - Still The Night
John Parr - It's Starting All Over Again
John Parr - St. Elmo's Fire
John Parr - Under A Raging Moon
John Sykes - Don't Hurt Me This Way (Please Don't Leave Me '97)
John Taglieri - I Never Knew
John Taglieri - Not Gonna Be My Life
John Taglieri - Without You
Joshua - Back To The Rock
Joshua - Heart Full Of Soul
Joshua - Rockin' The World (Reprise)
Joshua - Surrender Love
Joshua Perahia - November Is Going Away
Journey - After All These Years
Journey - Ask The Lonely
Journey - Kiss Me Softly
Journey - Lights
Journey - Like A Sunshower
Journey - What I Needed
Journey - Wheel In The Sky
Journey - Where Did I Lose Your Love
Journey - Who's Crying Now
Journey - Winds Of March
Jukebox Heroes - Mission
Jump - Dreamin'
Kane Roberts - Dance Little Sister
Kane Roberts - Does Anybody Really Fall In Love Anymore
Kane Roberts - Twisted
Kansas - Carry On Wayward Son
Karmakanic - Can't Take It With You
Karo - Wanna Be Loved (New Version 2005)
Katmandu - God Part II
Kee Marcello - Shine On
Kee Marcello - Shine One
Kee Marcello - Together Alone
Kee Marcello - When The Rain Comes Falling
Keel - No More Lonely Nights
Keldian - Reaper
Ken Hensley - I Don't Wanna Wait
Ken Hensley - You've Got It
Kenny Marks - Somebody Loves You
Kens Dojo - Demon In Diamonds (Tommy La Verdi)
Kens Dojo - I Surrender (Glenn Hughes)
Kens Dojo - Keeping The Flame Alive
Kens Dojo - Set This Angel Free
Kevin Chalfant - Learning To Fly
Kevin Chalfant - Running With the Wind.
Kevin Chalfant - She's Waiting
Kharma - Free Yourself
Khymera - Burn Out
Khymera - Give In To The World
Khymera - If I Can't Be
Khymera - Love Will Find You
Khymera - No Sacrifice
Khymera - Since You Went Away
Khymera - The Greatest Wonder
Khymera - The Other Side
Kidd Blue - Midnight Train
Kidd Wikkid - Feelings In The Bottle
Killer Klowns - Addicted To Her
Killer Klowns - Don't Take My Heart
Killer Klowns - Everytime
Killer Klowns - Save Your Tears
Killer Klowns - Years Gone By
Killer Klowns - You Can't Win It All
Kimball-Jamison - Can't Wait For Love
Kimball-Jamison - I Did Everything Wrong
Kimball-Jamison - Sail Away
Kimball-Jamison - Shadows Of Love
Kimball-Jamison - Worth Fighting For
King Kobra - Live Forever
King Kobra - Overnight Sensation
King Kobra - Second Thoughts
Kingdom Come - Friends
Kingdom Come - Glove Of Stone
Kingdom Come - Joe English
Kingdom Come - Twilight Cruiser
Kiss - Let's Put The X In Sex
Kiss - Reason To Live
Kissin' Dynamite - Against The World
Koritni - Game Of Fools
Krokus - Angel Of My Dreams
Krokus - Born To Be Wild
Krokus - Hoodoo Woman
Krokus - Midnite Fantasy
Krokus - Take My Love
Kyle Vincent - Trust
L.A. Guns - Arana Negra (Black Spider)
L.A. Guns - Crystal Eyes
L.A. Guns - Dirty Black Night
L.A. Guns - You Better Not Love Me
Ladwig - Ready For You
Ladwig - Woman Of My Heart
Lance - It's Still Love
Lance - She Ain't One Of The Boys
Lance - Walk Me Trough The Fire
Lance Powers - I Will Follow You
Land Of Tales - Outlander
Land Of Tales - Silence
Land Of Tales - Slow Waters
Laos - Heartbreak Road
Larry Tagg - After This Love Is Gone
Last Autumn’s Dream - Again And Again
Last Autumn's Dream - All I Can Think Of
Last Autumn's Dream - Angel Eyes
Last Autumn's Dream - In A Perfect World
Last Autumn's Dream - Is This Just Another Heartache
Last Autumn's Dream - Nine Lives
Last Autumn's Dream - Silent dream
Last Autumn's Dream - We Never Said Goodbye
Last Cry - City Queen
Last Temptation - Break It
Laura Wilde - Classical Guitar Star
Lauren Smoken - I Need The Money
Lea Hart - I Just Wanna Be Free
Leatherwolf - Thunder
LeCompt - Love Is Lethal
Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven
Legend - Don't Believe It
Letter 7 - First Love
Lightseekers - Flying Free
Lightseekers - Weary Angel
Lightyears - One And Only
Lillian Axe - Bow Your Head
Lillian Axe - My Apologies
Lion's Pride - Broken Hearts
Lionsheart - Can't Believe
Lipstick Magazine - Ok To Cry
Lisa Hartman - Tempt Me If (You Want To)
Little Caesar - Ain't Got It
Little Caesar - Chain Of Fools
Little Caesar - Turn My World Around
Little River Band - As Long As I'm Alive
Little River Band - The Night Owls
Little River Band - There's Not Another You
Little River Band - Two Emotions
Lizhard - I Cry For You
London Drive - Prison Walls
Los Angeles - Living Inside
Los Angeles - Nothing To Hide
Los Angeles - Paradise
Loud Lion - Dawn Of The Dead
Loverboy - Don't Keep Me In The Dark
Lucifer's Friend II - Free Me
Lucifer's Friend II - Sheree
Lucky 13 - Feels Like Coming Home
Lucky 13 - Get In My Way
Lucky 13 - Make My Day
Luley - Can’t Live Without You
Luley - Here In My Arms
Luley - Livin’ In The Night
Luley - Mountain Of Love
Luley - Still Got A Long Way To Go
Luley - Tokyo
Lynch Mob - 21st Century Man
Lynch Mob - Before I Close My Eyes
Lynch Mob - My Kind Of Healer
Lynch Mob - Where Do You Sleep At Night
Lynch Mob - Wicked Sensation
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Gifted Hands
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Skynyrd Nation
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Storm
M.ILL.ION - Eye Of The Storm
M.S.G. - Anytime
M.S.G. - Love Is Not A Game
M.S.G. - Take Me Back
M.S.G. - This Is My Heart
Magnum - Two Hearts
Manfred Mann - Spirits In The Night
Manteye - Belts, Boots
Mark Free - Dyin' For Your Love
Mark Free - The Last Time
Mark Free - What Happened To Love
Mark Sweeney - Don't Hold Back The Tears
Mark Sweeney - Superman
Mark Thompson-Smith - Good Day
Martee Lebow - Crimes Of The Heart
Mason - Cool Woman
Mason - Rockin' Round The World
Masquerade - Gimme All Your Love
Mattador - Tired
Maxime - Blues 91
Medicine Men - Blue Road
Melidian - Livin' Under The Gun
Melidian - Overheated
Melidian - Ready To Rock
Metal Majesty - We Rocked
Metal Scent - Falling So Deep
Metal Scent - For So Long
Metal Scent - One Way Ticket To The Blues
Metal Scent - Rain
Metal Scent - The Letter
Metal Scent - Under My Thumb
Metal Scent - Visions
Metropolis - Never Look Back
Metropolis - Whatever It Is
Michael Bolton - You Wouldn't Know Love
Michael Bormann - For Just A Little While
Michael Bormann - Still Haven't Found It
Michael Morales - I Don't Wanna See You
Michael Schenker - Lover's Sinfony
Michael Sweet - Ain't No Safe Way
Michael Sweet - Take Me Home
Midnight Blue - Remember
Mikael Erlandsson - Can't Keep Hiding
Mikael Erlandsson - It's Alright
Mike Reno - Affection
Missing Tide - Away
Missing Tide - Broken Wings
Missing Tide - Long Live The Heroes
Missing Tide - Never Surrender
Missing Tide - Victim Of A Crime
Mitch Malloy - Nobody Wins In This War
Mitch Malloy - Stranded In The Middle Of Nowhere
Mitch Malloy - Take Me Over The Water
Monkey See - Was It The Woman
Mother Tung - Bedroom Eyes
Mr. Big - Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy
Mr. Big - Next Time Around
Mr. Naughty - Running For Cover
Mr. Naughty - Without A Warning
Murder Bay - Land Of Plenty
Murder Bay - Outta Line
Murder Bay - Simple Man
MyLand - Anytime
MyLand - How Much Love
MyLand - Running In The Night
Naked City - Here I Go Again
Negative - A Song For The Broken Hearted
Negative - Sinners Night-Misty Morning
Nelson - After The Rain
Nelson - I Can Hardly Wait
Network - Shine On
Nevada Beach - Big Zero
Nevada Beach - Waiting For An Angel
Newman - Ain't Gonna Cry Forever
Newman - Give It All You Got
Newman - Heart V Desire
Newman - Higher
Newman - Move On
Newman - Save Me Tonight
Newman - What You Do To Me
Nexx - Caught In A Trap
Night Ranger - Don't Tell Me You Love Me
Night Ranger - Halfway To The Sun
Night Ranger - Last Chance
Night Ranger - Penny
No Credit - Let's Go
No Credit - Miss You Now
No Sweat - Heart And Soul
Norway - Heartbeat
Norway - Love Is Strong Enough
Novak - Dont Let You Remind Me
NOW - Hail Mary
NOW - Peace Of Mind
Nowhere Dreamer - Broken Wings
Nubian Rose - Ever See Your Face

Nubian Rose - Sisters
Nubian Rose - Your Love
Nurton - On Earth As It Is
ODA - Me Free
Off The Edge - Cheating
Ole - Popaganda
On The Rise - Dream Zone
On The Rise - Get Out Of Here
One Cent - Falling
Open Skyz - Give A Little Bit
Open Skyz - None Of It Matters
Open Skyz - Nothing Without You
Optimystical - Outcast
Opus - When The Night Comes
Orion The Hunter - So You Ran
O'Ryan - Still The Night
Osukaru - Change Of Heart
Osukaru - Highway To The Stars
Osukaru - Hot Blooded Woman
Osukaru - Never Too Late
Osukaru - Till The End Of Time
Outloud - Clean Hands
Outloud - Cross The Line
Outloud - Falling Rain
Outloud - Last Days Of December
Outloud - Love Catastrophe
Outloud - Tonight
Outloud - We Run
Outloud - We Run (Piano And Vocals)
Outside Edge - Flesh And Blood
Overland - City Of Dreams
Overland - Roll Back The Years
Paganini - Berlin By Night
Paganini - For Your Love
Paradise - Light The Fire
Paradise - Need A Little Love
Passion - Remember The Last Time
Passion Street - Wasted Emotion
Pat Benatar - Fire And Ice
Paul Dean - Draw The Line
Paul Laine - Doin' Time
Paul Laine - Dorianna
Paul Laine - Is It Love
Paul Laine - We Are The Young
Paul Shortino & Jimmy Crespo - Sweet Soul Sister
Peo - Could This Be Love
Peo - Two Strong Arms
Pete Sandberg - Cold Hearted Woman
Phenomena - Gotta Move
Phenomena - Reality
Phenomena - Smash It Up
Phenomena - Stand Up For Love
Phil Cristian - Million Miles Away
Pink Cream 69 - Followed By The Moon
Pink Cream 69 - See Your Face
Place Vendome - Believer
Place Vendome - Changes
Place Vendome - Completely Breathless
Place Vendome - My Guardian Angel
Place Vendome - Streets Of Fire
Places Of Power - Secrets
Planet P Project - Why Me
Pleasure Maker - Come N' Get It
Pole Position - Beautiful Ice
Pole Position - Call
Praying Mantis - Cruel Winter
Praying Mantis - Future Of The World
Praying Mantis - Hold On To Love
Praying Mantis - Lonely Way Home
Praying Mantis - Naked
Praying Mantis - Tears In The Rain
Praying Mantis - The Escape
Praying Mantis - The Journey Goes On
Praying Mantis - The Voice
Pretty Boy - Knocked Down
Pretty Boy - She Makes Me Crazy
Pretty Boy - Strangers
Pretty Maids - Breathless
Pretty Maids - Clay
Pretty Maids - Hard Luck Woman
Pretty Maids - Little Drops Of Heaven
Pretty Maids - Live Until It Hurts
Pretty Maids - Natural High
Pretty Maids - Savage Heart
Pretty Maids - Walk Away
Pretty Maids - We Came To Rock
Pride - Best Of Me
Pride - Could You Believe
Pride - If It Ain't Love
Pride - Saviour Of A Broken Heart
Pride Of Lions - Love's Eternal Flame
Pride Of Lions - Sound Of Home
Prime Time - Closer To The Soul
Prime Time - The Wind Beneath My Wings
Prism - Stand Up For Love
Private Life - Cure For Love
Prizoner - Little Of Everything
Prizoner - Rattle And Shake
Prizoner - Where Does She Run To
Prizoner - White Knuckle Ride
Project-X - Things You Should Know
Purple Cross - Girl
Purple Cross - Story Of The Game
Purple Heart - How Long
Quarterback - Tumblin' Down
Quarterflash - Harden My Heart
Quolio - Girls On My Mind
R.A.W. - Don't Tell Me Lies
Radio Silence - Mosquito
Radioactive - Don't Give Up
Rainbow - Can't Let You Go
Rainbow - Street Of Dreams
Ramos-Hugo - All That I Wanted
Ramos-Hugo - I Don't Want To Say Goodbye
Ramos-Hugo - In The City
Ramos-Hugo - The Dream
Rata Blanca - Another Day Passing By
Rata Blanca - Aun Estas En Mis Suenos
Rata Blanca - Mujer Amante
Rata Blanca - Ring Of Fire
Rata Blanca - Talisman
Rata Blanca - Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow
Ratt - As Good As It Gets
Rattleshake - Gypsy Queen
Rattleshake - Mudbone Delight
Rattleshake - Never Say Goodbye
Rattleshake - Take Me Down
Rattleshake -Mudbone Delight
Rattleshake -Shootin Whiskey
Raw Silk - Fewer
Raw Silk - Street Girl
Ray Roper - Party Tonight
Ray Roper - Read Between The Lines
Ray Roper - Take Your Best Shot
Reason - Before The Dawn
Reason - Cool Starry Night
Reason - Forever
Reckless Love - Back To Paradise
Reckless Love - Badass
Reckless Love - Born To Break Your Heart
Reckless Love - Dirty Dreams
Reckless Love - Fantasy
Reckless Love - Fight
Reckless Love - On The Radio
Reckless Love - Romance
Reckless Love - Sex
Reckless Love - Speedin'
Reckless Love - Switchblade Babe
Reckless Love - Wild Touch
Reckless Youth - Beg, Borrow & Steal
Red Dawn - Promises
Red Fun - Red Hot 'N' Ready
Red Fun - Rock This Town
Reece - Before I Die
Reece - I'll Remember You
Reece - Queen Of My Dreams
Reece - We Were Alive
Refugee - Power
REO Speedwagon - Back On The Road Again
REO Speedwagon - Take It On The Run
Restless - Keep The Fire Burning
Restless - Painted Lady
Return - Call Of The Wild
Return - Goin' Back
Return - Having Fun
Return - I Gave You All
Return - Life Must Go On
Return - Lonely
Return - More More More
Return - Rely On Me
Return - Ridin' On A Rainbow
Return - Room In Your Life
Return - United In A Scream
Return - We All Have A Future
Rhino Bucket - She's With Me
Richie Sambora - Every Road Leads Home To You
Richie Sambora - Weathering The Storm
Richie Sambora - World
Richie Sambora - You Can Only Get So High
Rick Price - Not A Day Goes
Rick Price - Walk Away Renee
Rick Price - What's Wrong With That Girl
Rob Mancini - Edge Of A Broken Heart
Rob Mancini - Everytime You Cry
Rob Mancini - Rock n Roll Circus
Rob Mancini - Stranger In Paradise
Rob Mancini - The Reaper
Robby Valentine - Angel
Robby Valentine - I Need Your Love
Robby Valentine - SOS
Robert Berry - You Do Or You Don't
Robert Tepper - Soul Survivor
Robin Beck - Runaway
Robin Beck - Show Me The Way
Robin Trower - Under The Gun
Rockarma - I Know
Rockarma - Thats All
Rockhead - Lovehunter
Roko - All Your Love
Roko - Fantasy
Roko - Hot Nights In Africa
Romeo's Daughter - Bittersweet
Romeo's Daughter - Cannot Be The One
Romeo's Daughter - Lightning
Romeo's Daughter - Nobody Like You
Romeo's Daughter - Nothing But Love
Romeo's Daughter - Ready Or Not
Romeo's Daughter - Talking Love
Rondinelli - Rock And Roll
Rondinelli - The One That Got Away
Rory Gallagher - A Million Miles Away
Rose Tattoo - 1854
Rose Tattoo - Creeper
Roulette - No Tellin' Lies
Roxus - Midnight Love
Roxus - Stand Back
Roxus - This Time
Royal Hunt - Army Of Slaves
Royal Hunt - Back To Square One
RTZ - Turn This Love Around
RTZ - When You Love Someone
Rydell & Quick - All In Like A Rockstar
Rydell & Quick - Do It Right Now
Rydell & Quick - Life Is Just A Dream
Rydell & Quick - When Love Is Gone
Sahara - Time Is A Healer
Sahara Rain - Blinded Eyes
Sahara Rain - Higher Sky
Saints & Sinners - Shake
Saints & Sinners - Takin' My Chances
Salute - A Falling Star
Salute - Feed Your Hunger
Salute - I Will Be There
Salute - Toy Soldier
Sammy Hagar - Baby's On Fire
Sammy Hagar - Loud
Sammy Hagar - There's Only One Way To Rock
Sanchez - Bullet In Your Heart
Sanchez - Empty Words
Sanchez - Friends
Sanchez - I’m In Love
Sanchez - Run The Streets
Sangre Azul - Si Tu Te Vas
Santers - Red Sky
Saracen - Feel Like Going Home (Robin Beck)
Saracen - Love Like A Razorblade
Saracen - Make This Body Work (Robin Beck)
Saracen - Marilyn (Robin Beck)
Saracen - Who Am I (Robin Beck & Steve Overland)
Saraya - Healing Touch
Sargant Fury - Can't Get Enough (Bad Company Cover)
Sargant Fury - Crack In The Mirror
Sargant Fury - Don't You Know
Sargant Fury - Love Me
Sargant Fury - Main Attraction
Sargant Fury - Maniac (Michael Sembello Cover)
Sargant Fury - No 9
Sargant Fury - Still You Want More
Saxon - Slow Lane Blues
Schenker Barden Acoustic Project - Can't Live On Love Alone
Schenker-Pattison Summit - Voyager
Scorpions - Believe In Love
Scorpions - Lorelei
Scorpions - Raised On Rock
Scorpions - Slave Me
Scorpions - Sting In The Tail
Scorpions - Turn You On
Scorpions - Under The Same Sun
Second Heat - Someday
Sequel - Daylight Fright
Sequel - I'm Losin'
Seventh Key - Every Time It Rains
Seventh Key - It Should Have Been You
Seventh Key - The Sun Will Rise
Sha Boom - Don’t Steal My Heart Away
Sha Boom - Werewolf
Shadow King - Once Upon A Time
Shadow King - What Would It Take
Shadow Page Band - Thunder & Lightning
Shadowman - Bad For You
Shadowman - Cry Wolf
Shadowman - Those Days Are Gone
Shake City - Hot Love
Shakra - A Dollar Too Much
Shakra - Anybody Out There
Shakra - Dirty Money
Shakra - Hopeless
Shakra - I Do It My Way
Shakra - I Let The Sun Go Down
Shakra - Love & Pain
Shakra - Nothing To Lose
Shakra - Out In The Rain
Shakra - Regressive Evolution
Shakra - Stranger
Shakra - Who's Get The Rhythm
Shannon - Lovehunter
Shark Island - Paris Calling
Shark Island - Shake For Me
Shark Island - Somebody's Falling
Sharon O'Neill - Losing You
Shelter - So Glad I Found You
Shining Line - Can't Stop The Rock
Shining Line - Follow The Stars
Shining Line - From Night To Dawn (Instrumental)
Shining Line - Highway Of Love
Shining Line - Strong Enough
Shining Line - The Infinity In Us
Shooting Star - Runaway
Shooting Star - Telephone Blues
Shout - Angel
Shy - Can't Stop Lovin' You
Shy - Live For Me
Sic Vikki - Her Body Compliments The Beat
Sic Vikki - Tie Me Up
Sic Vikki - Tough Enough
Sideburn - Cherry Red
Sideburn - Down And Dirty
Sideburn - Ghost Of 1980 (to Bon Scott)
Sideburn - Hurricane Race
Silence - (Goodbye To) The Good Old Days
Silence - Chinese Lullaby
Silence - Endless Nights
Silence - Just One Kiss
Silence - Memory Of Blue Eyes
Silence - Taste Of The Past
Silent Rage - Tonight You're Mine
Silent Rage - Touch Me
Siloam - Brand New Man
Siloam - Pain Inside (Enya Version)
Silver - All That I Wanted
Silver - Creep
Silver - Joshua
Silver - Wouldn't You Agree
Simon Chase - Listen To The Wiseman
Sin City - It's A Long Way To The Top (AC/DC Cover)
Sin City - Self Defense
Sin City - What Went Wrong
Siva Addiction - Bad Decisions
Siva Addiction - Gone Away
Siva Addiction - Take Me Home
Skagarack - I'm Alone
Skagarack - Lies
Slamer - Runaway
Slash - Ghost (Ian Astbury)
Slaughter - Breakdown 'N' Cry
Slaughter - Searchin'
Slaughter - Yesterday's Gone
Smokie - (I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight (Cutting Crew Cover)
Smokie - Bang Bang
Smokie - Don't Play Your Rock 'N' Roll To Me
Smokie - If You Think You Know How To Love Me
Snakes In Paradise - Book Of My Life
Snew - Pull My Stinger
Solna - Feel Alive
Sons Of Angels - Could It Be Love
Sons Of Angels - Fly
Sora - Barstool Corner
Sora - What's It Gotta Do With You And Me
Spitfire - Whispers
Stage Dolls - Better Off Pretty
Stage Dolls - Get A Life
Stage Dolls - Heart To Heart
Stage Dolls - Love Cries
Stage Dolls - Love Don't Bother Me (Live)
Stage Dolls - Rainin' On A Sunny Day
Stage Dolls - Soldier's Gun
Stage Dolls - Sorry (Is All I Can Say)
Stage Dolls - Still In Love
Stage Dolls - Taillights
Stage Dolls - Wings Of Steel
Stage Dolls - Young Hearts
Stan Bush - I Can't Try
Stan Bush - I Got A Thing For You
Stan Bush - If This Is All There Is
Stan Bush - I'll Never Fall
Stan Bush - In This Moment
Stan Bush - Love Is The Road
Stan Bush - Total Surrender
Stan Bush - Two Hearts
Stan Bush & Barrage - Love Don't Lie
Stan Bush & Barrage - Primitive Lover
Stargazer - Push Me
Stargazer - Ruins Of Love
State Of Rock - Without My Love
Stateline - Searchin'
Steel Panther - The Shocker
Steele - 700 Miles
Steelheart - Can't Stop Me Lovin' You
Steelheart - I'll Never Let You Go
Steelheart - She's Gone
Steelheart - Sticky Side Up
Steelhouse Lane - Addicted
Steelhouse Lane - All I Believe In
Steelhouse Lane - Into Deep
Steelhouse Lane - Seven Seas
Steelhouse Lane - Turnaround
Steevi Jaimz - Amazing
Steevi Jaimz - Something Good Something Bad
Steve Perry - Oh Sherrie
Steve Plunkett - Think About It
Steve Thomson - Hot Cherie
Steve Thomson - Walk Like A Man
Stevie Vann - Prove It
Stormbringer - Caught Me By Surprise
Stormbringer - Tear In Your Eyes
Stormwing - Angel
Stormwing - Lady Luck
Stormzone - Crying In The Rain
Stormzone - Tuggin' At My Heartstrings
Storyteller - Hello Heaven
Storyteller - Why Cry
Stranger - End Of The Line
Stranger - I Know I Tried
Strangeways - Borderlines
Strangeways - Every Time You Cry
Strangeways - Liberty
Strangeways - Love Lies Dying
Strangeways - Where Are They Now
Street Kid - Proud Man
Street Kid - See It In Your Eyes
Street Kid - Victim Of The Night
Street Legal - Maniac (Michael Sembello Cover)
Street Legal - Somebody Up There Likes Me
Street Talk - Give Me A Reason
Stryper - Alive
Stud Muffins - Twilight Zone
Styx - Too Much Time On My Hands
Sun N Steel - I'm So Excited
Sunstorm - All I Am
Sunstorm - Don't Give Up
Sunstorm - Emotional Fire
Sunstorm - Follow Your Heart
Sunstorm - Gutters Of Gold
Sunstorm - House Of Dreams
Sunstorm - Lay Down Your Arms
Sunstorm - Never Give Up
Sunstorm - Night Moves
Sunstorm - Torn In Half
Sunstorm - Wish You Were Here
Sunstorm - You Wouldn't Know Love
Sure Conviction - Voices
Surrender - Never
Survivor - Fire Makes Steel
Survivor - When Seconds Count
Sven Larsson - Fly On By
Swedish Erotica - Love Me Or Leave Me
Swedish Erotica - Rock N' Roll City
Sweet - Love Is Like Oxygen
Swords - Downtown
Tai Rose - Take Me Home
Tak Matsumoto Group - Two Of A Kind
Takara - I Don't Believe
Takara - Take U Down
Taken - Big Mouth
Talisman - Dangerous
Talisman - Give Me A Sign
Talisman - Nowhere Fast
Talisman - Standin' On Fire
Tall Stories - Chain Of Love
Tall Stories - Restless One
Tall Stories - Somewhere She Waits
Tall Stories - Stay With Me
Talon - Wrecking Ball
Tamara Champlin - Backstreets Of Paradise
Tambora - Sequel To My Life
Tangier - If Ya Can't Find Love
Tangier - In Time
Tangier - Mississippi
Tangier - On The Line
Tango Down - Waiting For You
Taxxi - I Just Want To Be With You
Taxxi - I Want You Back
Taxxi - Writing On The Wall
Ted Poley - Waiting Line
Terra Nova - Make My Day
Terry Brock - Diamond Blue
Terry Brock - It's You
Terry Brock - Nightingale
Tesla - Need Your Lovin'
Tesla - Wonderful World
The Automatix - Niteside
The Brave - Never Live Without Your Love
The Brave - Tears Of A Broken Heart
The Eagles - One Of These Nights
The Guess Who - Lonely One
The Guess Who - Sweet Liberty
The Guess Who - The Razor's Edge
The Headpins - Death Of Me
The Last Vegas - Whatever Gets You Off
The Law - Nature Of The Beast
The Law - Stone
The Lec Zorn Project - Long Time Coming
The Poodles - Caroline
The Poodles - Don't Rescue Me
The Poodles - Like No Tomorrow
The Poodles - One Out Of Ten
The Promise - Kiss Me & Kill Me
The Promise - When Love Takes A Hand
The Rockford Heroes - Devils Eye
The Rockford Heroes - Embrace The Moonlight
The Rockford Heroes - Keep Away From The Sun
The Rockford Heroes - Love Lies Bleeding
The Storm - Call Me
The Storm - Come In Out Of The Rain
The Storm - I Want To Be The One
The Storm - I Want You Back
The Storm - I've Got A Lot To Learn About Love
The Storm - You Keep Me Waiting
The Trophy - When The Nightmares Wake Me Up
The Truth - Prisoner Of Love
The Truth - Wings Of A Prayer
The VU - Who Ya Gonna Believe
The Wallflowers - How Good It Can Get
The Works - Slave To The Thrill
The Works - Standing On Shaky Ground
Thunder - Dirty Love
Thunder - Don't Wait For Me
Thunder - Love Walked In
Thunder - Low Life In High Places
Thunder - River Of Pain
Thunder - She's So Fine
Thunder - This Forgotten Town
Thunder - Welcome To The Party
Tindrum - Can't Get Enough
Tobruk - Falling
Toby Hitchcock - This Is The Moment
Tokyo Rose - Carry Me Away
Tommy Denander - Remember My Conscience
Tommy Shaw - No Such Thing
Tommy Shaw - Somewhere In The Night
Tommy Tysper - Excited
Tommy Tysper - Fire In My Heart
Tony Carey - A Lonely Life
Tony Carey - Fool's Gold
Tony Carey - I Won't Be Home Tonight
Tony Carey - Live Wire
Tony Carey - Room With A View
Tony Carey - We Wanna Live
Tora Tora - Dead Man's Hand
Tora Tora - Nowhere To Go But Down
Torben Schmidt - I Gave My Soul To Rock N' Roll
Torben Schmidt ¦ Same Old Song, Same Old Story
Toss 'N' Turn - Hungry
Toto - 2 Hearts
Toto - Don't Chain My Heart
Toto - Wings Of Time
Tour De Force - Hold On
Tour De Force - Sweet Adeline
Tower City - Hot Water
Tower City - Hungry
Tower City - I'll Sleep Tonight
Tower City - Little Bit Of Fire
Tower City - Talking To Sarah
Tower City - When It All Falls Down
Toxic Heart - Bad Boy
Toxic Heart - Dr. Groove
Toyz - Heart Beats Alone
Toyz - She's A Star
Tracy White (Intruder) - Dirty White Boy
Trade Mark - Cold Love
Tradia - No Pain, No Gain
Trance - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
Transit - No Surrender
Treat - All For Love
Treat - All In
Treat - Caught In The Line On Fire
Treat - No Room For Strangers
Treat - Ride Me High
Treat - Skies Of Mongolia
Treat - Stay Away
Treat - Strike Without A Warning
Treat - We Own The Night
Trent Tomlinson - Hey Batter Batter
Triumph - Child Of The City
Triumph - Let The Light (Shine On Me)
Triumph - Little Boy Blues (Instrumental)
Trixter - On And On
Trixter - One In A Million
Trouble Tribe - One By One
Tuff - I Hate Kissing You Goodbye
Tuff - So Many Seasons
Tuff - Want Trouble You Got It
Twisted Sister - 30
Two Fires - Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid
Two Fires - Still In Love
Two Of A Kind - I Die A Little More Everyday
Two Of A Kind - The Longest Night
TXS - Chameleon Man
TXS - Stay
Tyketto - Burning Down Inside
Tyketto - Forever Young
Tyketto - Let It Go
Typhoon - Sometimes
UDO - Platchet Soldat
UFO - Doctor, Doctor (New Version)
UFO - Hell Driver
Unchain - Can Stay In Hell
Unchain - Dark City
Unchain - Get It Live
Unchain - Sabrina
Unchain - Save Me
Unchain - Secret Garden
Unchain - Steal My Baby
Unchain - Yesterday
Unruly Child - Do You Ever Think Of Me
Unruly Child - Neverland
Unruly Child - Take Me Down Nasty
Unruly Child - Tell Another Lie
Unruly Child - Very First Time
Unruly Child - Who Cries Now
Unruly Child - Wind Me Up
Urgent - I Can't Take It No More
Urgent - Running Back #2 (Bonus Track)
Van Halen - Can't Stop Lovin' You
Van Halen - She's The Woman
Van Halen - Tattoo
Van Halen - Why Can't This Be Love
Van Zant - Lonely Girls
Van Zant - You've Got To Believe In Love
Vanity - Burning
Vanity - Gun City
Vanity - Who's To Blame
Vendetta - Can You See Through Me
Venus & Mars - The Last Time
Vertigo - There's A Reason
Victory - Backseat Rider
Victory - No Way Tonight
Victory - Right Up
Victory - Take The Pace
Vince Neil - Another Bad Day
Vince Neil - Beer Drinkers And Hell Raisers
Vince Neil - Who Will Stop The Rain
Vinnie Kay - After The Love Is Gone
Vinnie Kay - How Much Love
Virginia Wolf - It Tonight
Virginia Wolf - Livin' On A Knife Edge
Vishusgruv - Missing You
Vital Escape - Here To Stay
Vital Escape - The Last Chance
Vital Escape - Visions
Vital Signs - I'm Gonna Wait
Vital Signs - Ticket To Love
Vixen - Cryin’
Vixen - Love Is A Killer
Vixen - Love Made Me
Vixen - Not A Minute Too Soon
Voices Of Rock - China In Your Hands (Goran Edman)
Voices Of Rock - Into The Light (Tony Martin)
Voices Of Rock - Only 4 Ever (Torben Schmidt)
Voices Of Rock - Over And Done (Dan Reed)
Voices Of Rock - Remember Me (Rob Rock)
Voices Of Rock - Shame On You (Bert Heerink)
Voices Of Rock - Tonight (Joe Lynn Turner)
Von Groove - Believe In The One
Von Groove - Calling The World
Von Groove - Disbeliever
Von Groove - Without You
Voodoo Highway - Till It Bleeds
Vow Wow - I Feel The Power
W.E.T. - My Everything
W.E.T. - One Love
W.E.T. - Running From The Heartache
Walk On Fire - Blind Faith
Walk On Fire - Miracle Of Life
Walk The Wire - The Knives Are Out Tonight
Wall Of Silence - Addicted
War & Peace - Stone Cold Believer
Warrant - Cherry Pie
Warren Haynes - Movers And Shakers
Warren Haynes - Power And The Glory
Warren Haynes - Tattoos And Cigarettes
Wayne Smart - Tonight
Waysted - Heroes Die Young
Weapons - Love Is The Drug
Wheels Of Fire - You're So Cool
White Heat - Paranoia
White Lion - Radar Love
White Vision - Make Your Move
White Widdow - Change Of Passion
White Widdow - Cry Wolf
White Widdow - Don’t Fail Me Now
White Widdow - Serenade
White Wolf - Holding Back
White Wolf - Run For Your Life
Whitesnake - Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City (Live)
Whitesnake - All I Want All I Need
Whitesnake - All Or Nothing
Whitesnake - Blindman
Whitesnake - Don’t Fade Away
Whitesnake - Fool For Your Loving
Whitesnake - Girl
Whitesnake - Give Me All Your Love
Whitesnake - Give Me More Time
Whitesnake - Help Me Thro' The Day
Whitesnake - Here I Go Again
Whitesnake - Love Man
Whitesnake - Only My Soul
Whitesnake - Ready An' Willing
Whitesnake - Restless Heart
Whitesnake - Say You Love Me
Whitesnake - Soldier Of Fortune
Whitesnake - The Deeper The Love
Whitesnake - Too Many Tears
Whitesnake - Victim Of Love
Whitesnake - Would I Lie To You
Wicked Sensation - Lonely Is The Night
Wicked Sensation - Shining Light
Wig Wam - After The Nine O'Clock News
Wig Wam - Bless The Night
Wig Wam - Gonna Get You Someday
Wig Wam - Hard To Be A Rock 'N' Roller
Wig Wam - I Turn To You (Live)
Wig Wam - In My Dreams
Wig Wam - Rocket Through My Heart
Wig Wam - Slave To Your Love
Wig Wam - Things Money Can't Buy
Wig Wam - Things Money Can't Buy
Wig Wam - Tides Will Turn
Wig Wam - Wrong Can Feel So Right
Wild Blue - Fire With Fire
Wild Frontier - End Of The Road
Wild Ride - Love Will Find Its Way
Wild Ride - Stop The Fighting
Wild Willy's Gang - Break Down
Wildstreet - Midnight Gypsy
Winger - Always Within Me
Winner - Dreamer
Winter Rose - Rough Boys
Winter Rose - Thrill Of The Night
Winter's Reign - White Fury
Witness - Show Me What You Got
Work Of Art - Never Love Again
Work Of Art - Why Do I
Worrall - Shadow Of A Lie
Xander Demos - White Knuckle Driving
Xavier - Put Out The Fire (Bonus Track)
Xorigin - What Love Is All About
XYZ - Come On N' Love Me
XYZ - Face Down In The Gutter
XYZ - Rainy Days
XYZ - What Keeps Me Loving You
XYZ - When The Night Comes Down
Y&T - Armed And Dangerous
Y&T - Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark
Y&T - Eyes Of A Stranger
Y&T - Girl Crazy
Y&T - Gonna Go Blind
Y&T - Lonely Side Of Town
Y&T - Surrender
Y&T - Ten - Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark
Y&T - Ten Lovers
Ya Ya - Set Me Free
YoungBlood - Feel Thang
YoungBlood - Find A Way
YoungBlood - Get Down To It
YoungBlood - Heat Of The Passion
YoungBlood - I Love You
YoungBlood - My One And Only
YoungBlood - Pump It Up
YoungBlood - Save Your Lies
Zeno - Heat Of Emotion
Zeno - Man On The Run
Zeno - Surviving The Night
Zinatra - Only Your Heart
Zinatra - Too Blind To See
Zion - Crash The Mirror
Zion - Dangerous
Zion - I Am Running Home
Zion - The Devil's Dance
Zion - The Sky Is Falling
Zion - Who Do You Think You Are
ZZ Top - Big Shiny Nine
ZZ Top - Chartreuse
ZZ Top - Have A Little Mercy
ZZ Top - I Don't Wanna Lose, Lose, You
ZZ Top - Over You